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2011 July

The Great Ring Fiasco has Come to an End

I still haven’t gotten the hang of writing blog entries on the iPod Touch. It a seems my entries are full of typos since I don’t pay attention to the predictive text. Anyhow.

As many of you know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my engagement ring. One of the diamonds kept falling out if I looked at it funny. And several months ago(I told you I was behind!), yet another diamond had fallen out of it. So we went back and I explained again about the ring and they called corporate and they figured out some convoluted way to replace my ring with a different on. We had to send it to regional where the manager would then decide that the ring was irreparable and them from there, they would get me a new ring to my choosing. It jus had to be as much or more as the ring Chris had paid for it. So we searched their collection and I picked one out.

The problem is that I already had my wedding ring at that point and I needed to find a ring that didn’t look too bad with it. I didn’t find a perfect one, but I found one that was good enough. Here it is:

I wasn’t originally in love with it, but three months later, its grown on me. So far, none of the diamonds have fallen out and that makes me very happy. The next time I have to go back is for the six month check up and cleaning. Hopefully, that’s the only reason why I have to go back!

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2011 July


Did you know that most people read blogs during their lunch hour? That’s what the NaBloPoMo FAQ says. I don’t really think that’s true. I think most people read blogs the after getting into the office and making sure there aren’t any emergencies. At least, that’s how my old office did it. There was no work once people got it. They’d go to the coffee house and get something to drink and eat first as a group! Man they were slackers.

So last night, we went to pick up my engagement ring. Again. I think out of the seven month engagement, I’d only had it for three months. It’s much more blingy than I remembered, but not having had it for over a month, you sort of forget what it really looks like. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Right next to the jewelers is a Borders. We have a B&N near our house, so we’re always there. B&N always had books on their tables and on their portable shelves. The books were always neatly lined, even the random books single discount books were neatly shelved away. Borders, however, had two empty tables and one empty display shelf. Their remainders table was disheveled, books were laying on their side, on their spine, on their faces. They had super discount books, buy one get one free. They were in boxes that had their tops ripped off. I bought some, of course, can’t pass up interesting books for $3 each. My hands were covered in book dust, which makes my hands swell a little bit.

All those empty shelves and books not being taken care of makes me wonder if they’re going to be closing down these Borders. All these rumors about them not carrying a lot of author’s books looks to be true for local Borders. But I noticed that it’s not just SF/F books, but a lot of romance and mystery books were missing too. They had a lot of popular stuff, things they knew would sell, but it wasn’t as many books as B&N. But what was really funny was that this Borders was going to have a Twilight event for the opening of the movie. I think the employees try to get people in, but the fact that they don’t have a huge amount of books really does hurt them. I’m just glad the B&N here is better and I can get what I want without having to wait and order it. I don’t think I’d buy as many books that way. I buy a lot of them on impulse. Have a good morning everyone!

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2011 July

deleted roundup

Over the weekend, I wrote a bunch of journal entries that I had planned on posting throught the week. And I was also cleaning up the old files that have already been posted so I don't repost them accidentally. All these files were on my Nokia N810 and while cleaning out files, I deleted the folder instead. Linux doesn't seem to have a recycle bin, so there we go. They were all lost.

And maybe it was a good thing. A fresh start means you guys get recaps for the last two weeks.

  • We spent July 4th at the JW Marriot. It's the busiest time of year for them. They had slides and bouncy houses and sno cones for the weekend. There were so many people in the lazy pool that they'd turned on the jets to max. The pool was also a little milky. Someone did their doody in the pool on Friday. It was bound to happen with that many children and drunk asses floating around in there.
  • We saw fireworks on both the 4th and the 5th. We could see them from the amusement parks from our hotel balcony.
  • We learned three new games over this weekend. Alias (a whodunit that's part go fish, part canasta and part clue), Infernal Contraption (It's a card game and you're a goblin making machines, who doesn't love that?!), and Carcassonne (a tile game where you build castles and roads). I loved all of them. We originally had gone to pick up Arkham Horror, but Sci-Fi City was out of them even though they told me they had it. But the guy rolling a new DnD character who worked there convinced me Carcassonne was a good game. Have any of you played Arkham Horror? Do you like it?
  • We had our engagement shoot yesterday. I got my hair done, but it wasn't good at all, so I ended up pinning it up. I had a serious bad hair day. I'm hoping it will turn out ok anyway. Otherwise, I'll cry.
  • My engagement ring needs to be sent to the vendor and won't be back until the end of August. They were supposed to be sent there in the first place since it has perfect cut diamonds and therefore needed to be certified by the vendor. This, they realize 3 weeks after they've sent it out to the home office. I'm thinking that I'll buy the wedding rings elsewhere.
  • Dr. Horrrible Act I was pretty funny.
2011 July

The Ring that can't Keep its Bling

So if you've kept up with my infrequent tweets(I'm lingtm), you'll have known that I've lost yet again the diamon on my engagement ring. So we went in today to get it replaced. What they're doing now is sending it to the home office. They should have sent it to the home office in the first place (or that's what the lady told us). They had replaced the diamond on-site, which they shouldn't have. I don't see what the difference would be, but whatever.

It's going to take two to six weeks to get it back. I'm hoping this will be the last time that we'll have to do this, but I am somehow not real confident about that. I've already become so accustomed to the ring that I keep thinking that I've lost it. Chris has offered to buy a cheap ring for me to wear, but I said that we should save the money. Although, I'm starting to think that maybe I should. A girl can't have too many rings!

2011 July

The Ring With the Wrong Bling

So we went -all the way to Oviedo to pick up the ring. At first glance,
everything looked fine. I put it on inside the store and because of the way
they light the inside, I was blinded by the dazzle of the bling.

When we got in th car, I took a really good look at it. It looked
lopsided, like one diamond was bigger than the other. It was a minor
difference, so minor that I thought it was my imagination. I always think
that things will always go wrong and I hate to be one of those people who
made something out of nothing. But I knew that it would bother me if I
didn't find out.

So we went back in and asked if they could double check just for my piece
of mind. I mean, there wasn't anyone else in the store. The gemologist
looked at it and said that it was indeed different sizes. The woman that
had measured the gems in the ring had measured wrong. The jeweler that
replaced the diamond hadn't bothered to double check. Granted, the new
diamond was bigger than the old one, but I'd rather have the beauty of

So we spent that half hour at Chili's across the street. We'd already
stopped at Lollicup for boba, so my stomach was completely full. But it
didn't stop me from having a couple of bites because I'm a glutton.

The jeweler did manage to get the right size diamond into the setting.
Everything looks perfectly symmetrical now, but I keep looking at it make
sure. Now to drive home, which will be about 9:15 by the time we get
home. *sighs* Where did my evening go?

2011 July

Ring that Lost its Bling

Over the weekend, Jae Brim had come to visit. While she was here she wanted
to see my engagement ring. So I dutifully stuck out my hand and she
inspected my engagement ring. Then she said, "Is it missing a diamond?"

OMG No way. It totally had all the diamonds in their settings that
morning. So sometime between after my shower and picking up Jae at the
airport, the diamond had fallen out.

So we had to take a trip out to Jared and get it replaced. We have gem and
metal insurance on it so that if the diamonds or the emerald falls out or if
I need it resized, they'll do it at no extra charge. And because they are
abooujt 45 minutes away from the house, I have to go do it after work. This
means that I will have to take another trip put here to pick it up
tomorrow. But what is the alternative? It feels weird not having it