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2011 July

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We’ves just returned from the clusterfuck that is David’s Bridal. There were too many brides with too big an entourage there that just getting someone to help me was just beyond impossible. The fact that it was the only David’s Bridal for 120 miles probably doesn’t help with alleviating any of that madness. But I got in and out of there relatively quickly considering the massive amounts of people there. I’m glad that I didn’t try finding a wedding dress there. I would have never made a decision on anything. There were just too many dresses. But I was there to buy a bridesmaid dress and buy one I did. It’ll arrive the first week of December, which is pretty much when it needs to show up because the wedding is December 23. I’ll need to get it hemmed. Hopefully there will be enough time for that.

As for Project Runway, I’m glad Leanne won, although there were a lot more things I’d wear from Korto’s line. And there just wasn’t any way Kenley was going to win, especially since there was a second dress that looked like another designer’s. I’m still convinced that if the finalists from last season’s show were to show up in this show, they definitely win. It’s just too bad that they got picked the year too many people were qualified.

And since I have nothing more to tell you, here’s a photo of Chris battling the pantry monster.

It was a fierce fight, but with a couple smites and an instant heal or two, he was able to bring it down. Sadly, the only phat l00tz it dropped was a roll of toilet paper.

2011 July

Project Runway 5

So with the wedding and all that, I haven't posted much on Project Runway. I know some of you have been watching it, and I've finally caught up on all the episodes. Spoilers ahead if you haven't caught up.

I would have gotten caught up last night, except that we lost power for a good half hour last night. It was a bad storm and this morning, there's a tornado warning for counties near the coast. By the time the light came back on, it was already time for bed. It is pitch black when the lights go out in my neighborhood. So dark that my phone can be used as a pretty good flashlight. Now to about the show!

I really thought Jerrell might have had a chance. He has the ability to make things opulent, but as his wedding dress showed, he needed to learn to edit. And I'm a little disappointed that he didn't make it. But I hope he continues to design. I think eventually, he'll make it as a designer of lovely gowns.

Leanne surprised me the most with her wedding dress. I never really thought much of her work. They were a little boring and mostly forgettable. But her little wave dress was actually really nice. Though I wouldn't wear her bridesmaid dress, I can see it fitting well with the wedding dress. Like Amy, I would like to see Leanne get a little make-over. She's too mousy to be a designer now. She needs more flair. More excitement. She reminds me of that nice quiet woman who volunteers at the local animal shelter.

Now Kenley. I'm glad she apologized for being mean during the show. I think her time on the tugboat has made her unable to deal with people who don't love her and approve of her all the time. But her dress was cute. I liked it well enough. But I was also curious about the Alexander McQueen dress Nina and Michael Kors mentioned. So I tracked it down and I have to say, they aren't identical, but I can see where they feel like it's done before. The silhouette is similar. The length is the same. They're both strapless. And the worst part is that the McQueen dress was a feather peacock print and Kenley chose to use feathers.

I think the worst part is that McQueen's collection was for Fall 2008, which would have probably been really close to when they would have seen Kenley's outfit. Though the dress is not exact, it's similar enough for them to feel a little bit put off. Like did she get the idea from McQueen? It was too much a coincidence for them to sit right with it.

I think they keep her because they remind her a little bit of Betsey Johnson who also has a retro 50's style. The difference is that Betsey Johnson is capable of making it modern, whereas Kenley repeats the 50's. From the choice of her fabrics to the colors of them, she's chosen things grandma would wear. All you have to do is watch Madmen to see what they've done with updating the 50's look while keeping it traditional. She needs to find better flower prints.

Now who do I think will win? This is a hard one. From what I've seen of their collections, assuming they haven't made any major changes, I think Leanne will win. The one I felt most blah about, turned out to have the most interesting collections. Korto's designs are nice, but nothing spectacular. Kenley's just chosen the wrong colors for her dresses. They're dull. And from what I can see, she's made more 50's dresses.

So Leanne's my pick. With Kenley to follow mostly because the judges love her. And then Korto. I love the colors she uses, but her design isn't the best.

It's raining heavily now, so I'll post this before we lose electricity again. Who do you think will win?

2011 July

Fay will Stay

We're still experiencing tropical storm Fay. Apparantly, it was stationary for over 6 hours last night, which makes me think that some evil super scientist has found some way to keep the storm from moving. Why would someone do that? Maybe they wanted beach front property.

There was a lot of rain that battered the roof and was so loud that it woke me up. I didn't have a very restful sleep last night and I don't think I'll have a quiet one tonight.

Several counties are flooded, schools are cancelled, and stupid people have gone out into the ocean and are surprised when they're swept out by heavy currents.

We're fine though. It's just been non-stop rain since last night and it'll continue to rain tomorrow as well. On the news, it said 100% of rain, which I've never seen before, but I thought it was funny. There wasn't any 99%. They are totally sure that it's going to rain all day.

And what do you guys think of the new Project Runway cast? I'm finding them a little lacking. I think the last year had the most talent. I don't see anyone as a standout and I can't even say there's one designer in particular that I love. They're not wowing me. What do you guys think?

2011 July

Project Runway Finale

It's late, I know. But here it is anyway!


What is there really to say about the finale except Our Pick Won!! I did really enjoy Christian's collection though there were a few that I didn't particularly like. The big ruffled neck with the big hat was not that great. I would have prefered one or the other, but both was too much. Having Victoria Beckham love his collection didn't hurt either. Even if he lost, he would have gotten a lot of recognition if she wore his clothes.

I particularly found it endearing when he was standing in front of the judges and right before Heidi gave them the verdict, he started crying. I thought it was very human.

I liked Rami's cream antique lace dress. I didn't know why I didn't like his whole collection until Michael Kors said something about the colors. And that was spot on. Maybe he knows something about clothing after all!

And as for Jillian, I liked her clothes, but found her skirts to be a little bit too short, but then she wears that kind of skirt anyway. I didn't like that she said she disappointed someone after she entered the green room. I'm not sure who she was talking to, whether her mother or her boyfriend. I'm assuming the mother. I have no doubt that it was the mother because of the famous comment. She's too harsh on herself. Maybe she might have enjoyed being on Project Runway if she didn't think she had to be famous to win her mother's love. It certainly explains why she's never happy. But she has enough talent to get investors to start her own line.

So the season is over and I really enjoyed it. There were no horrible characters that made me want to strangle them nor anyone truly mean who won. It was a good season. I hope they find other talented designers for next year.

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2011 July

Project Runway: Rami/Chris Showdown

What can I really say about the Rami/Chris Showdown except Why All The Hair?!! To me, he could have just as easily used faux fur or feathers to make some of the effects he was going for. It's a funny thing. Nobody thinks twice about getting a weave. I mean you are wearing human hair. But somehow, putting it on clothing makes it that much more creepy. I wouldn't say that if he had used something else he would have won. But using human hair definitely didn't help at all. It creeped everyone out.

Having said that though, I definitely liked his clothes much better than Rami's. I like the gothic look ala Vivienne Westwood. I liked the safety pinned skirt quite a bit. And I liked the jacket that was a feminized version of Edward Gorey's drawings.

And honestly, I think some of his sketches had better drama than the three blacks that he brought out. To me, using human hair seemed like a statement of some sort. Like using raw meat or poop. It's meant to shock and that's a little too shock art for the fashion world.

I'm impressed that Rami stepped up to the challenge and got some pieces that weren't all variations on a toga. But his collection wasn't my favorite. I found his second dress reminiscent of the 80's and not something that I'd wear or want to wear. I did like the jacket even though Nina thought it was too big. I liked the sillouhette that it made. I absolutely hated his third dress. The circles on the hips made the model look bottom heavy. Then again, I found all his outfits made the women all look bottom heavy. He isn't even a contender in my book.

I'm still sticking with Christian as the winner. But we already knew that.

But I did find Jillian's statement, rather matter-of-factly, that she's going to be a big deal a little odd. She really is emotionless when she says things and I found it creepy.

Her mother had a seer tell her that one of her children will be famous and she raised Jillian that way. I'm not sure that's such a good idea to raise a child to do that. Raising a child to do their best, to work hard, and to push themselves beyond your comfort level is a good thing. But to tell them that they'll be famous one day is setting up truly high expectations and can create huge stresses and depression in someone. It explains a lot about Jillian's ambition, but it doesnlt explain the blankness in her face when she does her interviews. What do you think? Discuss!!

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2011 July

Project Runway Recap Ep

The Project Runway Reunion show wasn't as controversial or confrontational as other reunion shows. The one's that anyone notices involve hair-pulling and arguments that make no sense. But I think that's because we're so used to seeing commercials for I Love New York Reunions in which we expect a Jerry Springer style smackdown. Not surprisingly, Project Runway seemed to have a higher caliber of people than that.

The episode was mostly a recap episode with a few extra things that they couldn't fit into the regular show.

What I found interesting was that Michael Kors couldn't stop laughing during the women wrestling episode. I'd assumed that his laughter was because he felt that the wrestlers were ridiculous and over the top. He's definitely seen women naked before. But at the same time, his laughter was a nervous laughter, like he's doing something he shouldn't and he's embarrassed that he got caught. I can't quite place that giggling of his. Maybe one of you can explain.

What I did enjoy was that the designers were asked what their diva wrestling names were. I felt that their ideas for this somehow corresponded with their ability as a designer.

I found Rami's and Christian's to be the most original and the most that was who they were. Ramiliscious's signature move would be to have lots of draped fabric to confuse his opponent. And while he was disoriented, Ramiliscious would kick them down. Feroscia Couture (Christian) would use hair spray (for his judicious use of said item to sculpt his hair). He'd spray his opponents in the eyes before knocking them down.

Sweet P's name would be Spread Eagle and her power was snapping people's necks with her thighs (Can we say Xenia Onnatop anyone?). Jillian's name would be Tuffie and she'd use a roundhouse kick(boring. Jillian's designs were nice, but not awe inspiring, you know?). Chris said he'd be wonder woman (which disappointed me to no end) and he would smother people with his ample chest (which leads us back to his old roots and maybe going back to what he's most comfortable). I can't even remember anything about Ricky's character.

So at the end, they showed some pieces from Chris's collection. There was a lot of fitted, waist-length jackets and one had a feather collar. Without seeing the pieces that went underneath them or the bottoms to those outfits, I can't make too informed a decision. But he could use the jackets as something to bring the collection together. The commercial, however, made it seem like Tim really didn't like the collection. But it wouldn't be beyond the advertisers to try to skew us the wrong way. I can't decide if I want Rami to go to Fashion Week or Chris because I do really like Rami's clothes. But I won't change my mind now. The top three will stay the same as I'd said before.

Ok, now the fan favorite. I guess the voting public found Christian more entertaining than everyone else. Although I found him immature, impulsive and a little snooty, I didn't find him all that objectionable.

Now that he's won fan favorite though, I'm thinking that he won't win. Michael Knight lost the whole shebang even though he was the fan favorite. They can't rightly give $10k to someone and then another $100k. So based on that, I might have to reassess who will win this year. But I still think that he has tons of talent. So I will stick to my guns and keep him as my winner. A few more days!

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2011 July

Project Runway: Who Goes To Bryant Park?

My prediction that Sweet P would go was correct. Alas, she is one of the nicer and more amiable of the bunch. It's too bad she didn't make a hugely eccentric peacock outfit made of electric blue materials trimmed in green and gold. But we knew that she wasn't going to make it.

Christian and Jillian are both going to Bryant Park. Those two weren't a big surprise. I thought Christian's outfit was fantastic and outrageous. His attention to detail is meticulous. Though I wouldn't wear his clothes, I can understand his fashion sense. If I had to choose who'd win, I'd pick this guy. As young and immature as he is, his outfits have pizzazz as well as memorability.

As for Jillian's outfit, the jacket reminded me of a baton twirler's uniform. The skirt was too short, the tail a little too pleated. Add a matching hat and send her ahead of the marching band!

Jillian's meticulous with the details as well. Had she not included the gold trim or the cut-outs on the jacket, it would have looked too plain. Those little details are the things that make someone want to pay and extra $500 for that jacket. I didn't choose Jillian because though she sews well, the only outfit she's made that had me truly amazed was the hair inspired challenge. All the other outfits paled in comparison to the other competitors.

Now for the big surprise of last night's show. Rami and Chris. I truly believe that had Chris made something that was different than the couture challenge, he would have gone to Bryant Park. But then, had Rami chosen inspiration from the Victorian Age or the Elizabethan age, he would have won instead. But now both have to compete again to see who goes to Bryant Park.

Technically, all four will go. Project Runway likes to put in one non-winner in there so that people won't know who actually got there. So it doesn't hurt the show to have both of them make a line. They were going to anyway. But who will make it into the top 3.

We all know what Rami has to do. He needs to make outfits that don't look like togas. He can drape, but he needs to keep that to a minimum. I'd say half draped, half not. But will he manage to design that? I have serious doubts. He's been told time and time again that they want to see more than draping and he hasn't done it. I like Rami's designs. His clothes are definitely one's that I'd wear, but is he a one note tune?

As for Chris, he's shown that he has improved since he was brought back. That's what the judges love. But will his collection show enough diversity? I was sorely disappointed in him for making a similar dress to the hair inspired challenge. The judges are like children. they're easily bored when shown the same thing over and over again. But show them something new and add a few sparkles and suddenly, you're the star again. So the question for me concerning Chris is whether or not he'll produce new and inspiring things or will he revert back to the costume-y drag queen outfits?

If this last challenge has told me anything, it's that Chris will take a nap over refining his look. And that will be his ultimate downfall. If he doesn't step up, Rami will win regardless of whether or not he drapes every garment.

Next week's Project Runway is a special episode in which all the competitors gather together and bitch and moan. I was especially shocked by the comments that they thought Victoria as uptight. I too found her to be so, but not any more than Jillian. But these are comments for after next weeks ep.

Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? Who's your favorite designer?

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2011 July

Project Runway Predictions

Now that Project Runway has whittled down their list of designers, I have gotten much more excited about the show. I've watched all the previous seasons, but I'd always felt a little more than meh about all the designs. This year is the first year that I've felt like I could realistically see myself buying their clothes.

All the remaining designers know how to sew. There's no wrinkle out of place, no stitch that's a little bit crooked. But this competition isn't about who sews the best. And sometimes it's about who sucks the least.

My favorite designers right now are Rami and Jillian. I think Rami can make beautiful dresses, but I do think that many of his dresses tend to look alike. Unless he's forced to use non-drapable materials like the Hershey's challenge or the denim challenge, he seems to tend towards jersey materials. If he were to win, he'll need to make a collection that isn't all modernized versions of roman togas.

Jillian has a youthful, edgy style. I particularly liked the hair inspired challenge where she created that fantastic black satin coat. I also liked the challenge where they had to modernize an out of date look. But I think she's utterly uptight. I haven't seen her ever smile and her personality seems a little snooty for me. But this season doesn't require the winner to intern somewhere. Let's face it, none of the previous winners actually participated fully with that program. The first winner totally didn't even accept the internship and the second one did it by phone. I think they stopped doing it the third year, but let's face it. The winner that year was such a poser turd that working under anybody would have turned out to be an utter bloodbath. This year's winner gets to sell their designs on Bluefly.com which is much more accessible to the common people that I think they'll be much more commercially successful.

I think Christian has a total sense of style, but it's a little too retro 80's for most of us to want to wear. I do think that his denim challenge was very innovative. The pants he made, riping off jean jacket sleeves and using them as the bottoms halves of the jeans was very impressive. But all his shirts/jackets have them big puffy sleeves, and they're all tailored towards super skinny women. Let's face it, few of us want to or can even wear half the things he makes. I'd say that they're all a little too eccentric for me. But I will have to say that the wrestling outfit he made was definitely one of the best and it shows his versatility. That may take him to the top.

Sweet P though sweet, doesn't have the special something that makes her memorable. None of her clothes are ugly, perse, but they aren't spectacular. She is a wonderful designer that I think might have had a chance in previous years, but with the caliber of people left, she pales too much in comparison. I think she will be the next to leave, assuming they do another round of eliminations. They could, for some reason, decide to take them all to Olympus Fashion week, but 5 people is just too many.

Last, but not least is the one that was eliminated and brought back. Chris is my personal favorite because he's just so eccentric. I like the fact that he dresses in crazy drag outfits. I didn't think much of him when he first started, but these last few weeks, he's stopped creating toned down versions of drag outfits and created things that are quite wearable. I do think that he deserved his wrestling costume challenge win because he did a really great job in capturing the wrestler. And it was one of my favorite wrestling outfits next to Jillian's. I never thought that he was a huge contender, but the denim challenge, the wrestling challenge and the Hershey challenge made it clear that he can design wearable clothing. He's the underdog that might make it to Fashion week.

So my predictions are this. Jillian, Chris and Christian will make it to fashion week assuming they take 3 this year.

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