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Missed schedules

I made the upgrade to 2.9 and discovered that my scheduled posts weren’t posting on time. After quick interwebs search, I discovered a pretty quick fix for it. Since I write my entries all at once, mostly over the weekend, scheduling them is best for me.

So if this posts, it worked.

The fix involves changing one of the wordpress files. Wordpress has a timeout feature for when it’s automatically posting something. Right now, the timeout is 0.01. Wordpress 2.9 is hella slow, so that is not enough time for it to post. You can change this to something a little longer. I switched it to 60.

Here is the file that you need to change:


Approximately line number 205, there is something that looks like this.

wp_remote_post ($cron_url, Array (‘ timeout’ => 0.01, ‘ blocking’ => false));

Change 0.01 to 60. This should be a minute to post.

This may work for you. Totally didn’t work for me.

Another solution was to change the wp_config.php file and add

define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);

Didn’t work either.

Downloaded this zip file that’s supposed to fix bugs.

After uploading these files, the scheduler works. You’re seeing this post!

The other thing that I noticed was that my journalpress was giving me errors on the edit page. The problem was that I was still using PHP4, which won’t work now. I upgraded to PHP5 and I wasn’t getting the errors anymore. If you’re on GoDaddy, here’s the instructions on how to switch to PHP5. I didn’t have to edit the htaccess file.

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2011 July

Twitter Tools

So Twitter Updater didn’t post to the twitter account when a scheduled entry got posted. I sometimes write a bunch of entries and then set them to post so it looks like I’ve been writing all month. I know, it’s totally cheating! But it works.

This post is mainly to test Twitter Tools. It can download your tweets and post them to your blog every tweet, day or week. I didn’t choose to do that because my tweets are all so inane that to put them in digest would make them even more inane! I’m just using it to update twitter when a new post in wordpress gets published.

And this plugin seems to be supported still, unlike the other one where I had to fidget with it a bunch and it still didn’t work! Oh well.

Also, Nikky mentioned that when this gets posted to LJ that the comment feature was turned off. I had no idea. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any comments there! So now it’s turned on. I know how easy it is to comment in LJ rather than come all the way back over to the Wordpress one. I’m lazy too!

UPDATE: Yaaay, it works! For now…

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2011 July

Plugins & Widgets

I don’t know how many of you are interested in Wordpress plugins, but I thought I’d give you a list of the current one’s that I run in case you’re interested in some of them. And some of you might have some time this weekend to fiddle around with your wordpress, so here are some plugins in alphabetical order:

  1. Akismet: This comes default on Wordpress, but it’s a good spam filter. I don’t get that many comments or spammy comments here, but it does catch a great deal of the spammy ones.
  2. JournalPress: I got this via Jim C. Hines (author of the super awesome Stepsister Scheme, which I highly recommend). It’s a crossposter that I’ve got to post to LJ and Dreamwidth. It only works with Livejournal clones, so it won’t post to blogger (though I haven’t tried). You can also set the text for the crossposting (which I’ve done at the bottom of the LJ and Dreamwidth entries. They don’t appear here.) You can also set it to appear above or below your post and there’s a bunch of other customizing you can do, like set the comment and posting privacy levels.
  3. Photo Sidebar Widget: This is a new widget that I found that places photos in my sidebar. I have it set to show most recent photos, but you can also use whatever RSS feed that’s available to you. I’m using smugmug, so there’s only 3 feeds I could use. If I chose, I choose to display all of them. I can also choose to display different numbers of photos. I chose to display 3 at a time. I think it gets too cluttered otherwise in my design.
  4. runPHP: This is so you can run PHP code within your pages and posts. I use it mostly for the next plugin….
  5. SRG Clean Archives: It makes my archives all pretty. I installed this like three years ago when I moved to Wordpress, so I don’t really remember much about it. But I still like the way it displays my archives.
  6. Twitter Updater: This is the newest one that I just installed. It’s a Twitter Updater that tweets your entries to your twitter account. You can set it to send an update when a new post is created, edited, published, etc. I don’t think everyone wants to know when I edit an entry (usually, it’s for spelling or grammar mistakes). So I’ve only set it to update when something is published. I don’t think anybody cares if I’ve created an entry, but haven’t published it yet. And you can also customize what gets posted to Twitter. The only weird thing about this is that the settings for it are under your Tools menu on your dashboard.
    • Updated: I had to make a few edits. I know it’s all gobbledy-gook. I’m not a PHP coder either, but I can fidget with code people give me if it works. And this I got from the plugin website. Someone fixed it, but the cut and paste used smart quotes that didn’t work. You can do one of two things, download the txt file, rename to php then upload. Or you can copy and paste using the plugins -> editor ability on your wordpress dashboard. This fixes the double posts on twitter and also the fact that it won’t post if it’s a new post. (It would only post edited posts).
    • NEW UPDATE: I’m no longer using this one as it seems that it won’t post a new one if it’s been scheduled. Nothing posted to my twitter for the July 6th entry that was automatically scheduled. I use Twitter Tools now, which does work!

I used to have a lot more widgets that did the recent posts and recent comments and threaded replies, but now that Wordpress has those built in, I don’t need them anymore. You can get the recent posts using the widgets tab under Appearance in you dashboard.

What I’m looking for now is an email updater that will send to my yahoo list. That list started like a really long time ago and I still post to it to let people know that I’ve update. And there are people on there that aren’t on the twitter account, so I want to still be able to tell them that something posted. However, sometimes I set the entries to post in the future and I don’t always remember to send them a notification. I think wordpress can automatically do this for people who are registered, but I’m not making them re-register here. What a PITA that would be. So if you know of something that would help me, post a link!!

What other widgets or plugins do you use?

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2011 July


So I joined dreamwidth like many other people. As some of you know, livejournal fired a huge amount of staff and we’re not sure if it’ll stay around.

In the meantime, the people that used to work for Livejournal started up Dreamwidth. Their business plan is to only allow so many free accounts per paid account. So right now, you have to either pay for an account or wait until someone gives you an invitation much like Gmail did back in the day.

I’m not sure what they’ll do if someone cancels their account. What happens to the people who have free accounts? The idea is that the paid members will be offsetting the costs. And they don’t want to have any ads like livejournal does. Maybe their business plans will change over time.

Dreamwidth is still a little buggy. Most of the blogging stuff works. And only time will tell if they’ll have any staying power. But for the time being, I’ll be crossposting on there. If nothing else, I’ll have a backup of all my entries.

For those of you who have a wordpress and a livejournal and a dreamwidth account, there is a wordpress crossposter called journalpress.  It’s very easy to setup and install and it worked like a charm.  It’s much easier than the other crossposter.

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2011 July

My Want For the Perfect Desktop Blogging Client

As many of you know, I post these blog entries in both Wordpress and LiveJournal.  Wordpress has a great content management system.  Livejournal allows for ease of reading and posting. (I get more comments via livejournal than I do on the wordpress blog by far.)  What one lacks, the other excels at, so I've just gotten used to the idea of maintaining two blogs.

The problem with that is that there isn't a desktop blogger that can update both properly.Windows Live Writer allows me to add new categories in Wordpress without having to go into the dashboard.  It's got this great SmugMug plugin so I don't have to go to the smugmug.com website to get the links to my photos.  But it doesn't do Livejournal tags properly.  And Zoundry Raven doesn't update the categories list, much less allow you to make a new one.  But it does somehow manage to add livejournal tags properly.  And there aren't any plugins to add yet.  I'm like Goldilocks without the third option.

If Live Writer could just add the lj tags properly, I'd be all set.  Really, I would. 

2011 July

Electronic Reliability

I decided yesterday to delete a bunch of programs that I never use. Most of it was games and extra stuff that HP makes you load. Their printer driver isn't so much a driver as it is bunch of programs that they want you to install. So I decided to get rid of a bunch of them yesterday. And as usual, because computers hate me, it decided it wouldn't have any of it. Suddenly a bunch of critical files were missing and so I decided to just wipe out the damned thing again and start clean (which is something I do every year anyway....except I think I did that already this year when my computer went in for repairs after it wouldn't run off battery power.)

Whenever I do this though, I always manage to forget to back up something or do it wrong. Which is what I did for the emails. I forgot to back up the profile.ini in thunderbird, so lost all those. Except for the fact that gmail never deletes anything and I ended up downloading all 8000+ emails again. And that's only for the main account. I didn't bother doing it for the other accounts as they are junk accounts. But the one good thing of downloading so many emails is that now they are all filtered and I can go back to the main account, filter those and delete all the one's from newsgroups and so forth.

I also forgot to back up all the blog entries that I'd typed in here (all three that is.) But those are easy to reconstruct as I've started writing them in a notebook first. I stare at a computer so much during the day, that I don't want to do it anymore in the evening. And my eyesight has gotten worse since I got this programming job. Let me tell you that the fonts on my computers are huge. I think I might have complained about this before, but I don't remember. So you're hearing it again. My eyes don't focus so well at night, so I've started to change over to my glasses earlier in the evenings. I would wear them all the time except for the fact that they are still heavy, even after paying extra for the extra thin lenses. Let me tell you folks, my vision is -10 in both eyes. All you people who think you are blind, if you beat my prescription, then you are really really blind.

All my important photos are uploaded to the smugmug site, so I don't have to worry about losing those. And as for my writing, I back that up everywhere I can, which means that I probably have 20 copies of the same clarion stories saved up on CDs somewhere. I can't bear to get rid of those in case one day I might go back and fix them proper. An unlikely notion, I know, but a girl can dream.

In the meantime, I've been trying to reconstruct the laptop back to where I like it. And I have no doubt that I'll be typing up the old blog entries and saving them up elsewhere besides Zoundry Raven, the new and improved beta. The only thing that bothers me about this build is that it uses technorati tags rather than the built in Wordpress and Livejournal tags. Once it does that, it will do everything that I want it to do. Except email updates to my readers. But that's a minor thing. Only Ecto does that, but I never got it to work and it formatted things all funny. I'm thinking the MAC version of that is probably 10 times better. But this is an HP. For gaming. Except that it can't play the new games anymore. But that's a post for another time. (about how I covet the high end desktops.)

Have a good weekend, everyone! I'll be heading to Baltimore for training on Monday, but I will be back on Wednesday and hopefully, I will be able to check email while I am there.

Oh, and I signed up for NaBloPoMo. Get ready for blogging every day in November!

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2011 July

NaNoWriMo's Little Sister

As many of you know, November is National Novel Writing Month. I am not crazy enough to attempt that. On my best days, I only write about 500 words, so completing a whole novel in 30 days is pretty much out of the question.

But did you also know that November is also National Blog Posting Month(NaBloPoMo)? I had mistakenly called it NaNoBloMo last year, but NaNoBloMo is for NaNoWriMo participants to talk about NaNoWriMo.

NaBloPoMo (which doesn't have quite the same ring), is for blog posting. For every day in November, they want you to post one entry.

But wait! You might ask. Didn't you do this last year?

Why, I'm so glad you remembered! Last year, I unofficially participated in something called Holidailies. I had to write a journal entry for every day in December.

The difference in these two is not only the different months, but NaBloPoMo gives gifts. Out of all the participants that completed the task, a random drawing will occur. And those winners will recieve some lovely donated gifts.

Right now, I can't quite decide whether to do November or December. I definitely can't do both. I don't think I have enough material for both months! One month though, I know I can do. I did it last year. So what do you guys think? November or December? Help me decide.

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2011 July

Upgrading Wordpress 2.3

So I've been fiddling around with Postie and Ultimate Tag Warrior and I can't manage to get them to work together. So it's still a two step process.

In the meantime, I've been preparing for the Wordpress 2.3 upgrade. I'm hoping that by spending time now, I won't have to spend the time tomorrow. Chris thinks it's amusing that I code all day and then afterwards, I code some more on my website. Unfortunately, it's not the same kind of code, so it's not like it overlaps. But I find that website coding is easier for me since I've been doing it longer and it's not all that complicated.

Using Release Candidate 1, I've been checking to see if any of my plugins are in trouble. Gregarious, a link sharing utility, doesn't work thought others seem to have it working on theirs. I'm thinking that there might be something with another plugin that I've got. Ultimate Tag Warrior doesn't work either, but that's a known problem that the author is working on. But with Wordpress's native tagging ability being introduced into 2.3, I may not need it anymore. I'll only need it if I can get it to work with post by email.

But in case you guys were curious, here are the plugins that I've got working on rc1 2.3:

Askimet, Briant's Threaded Comments, Customizable Post Listings, Get Recent Comments, Hierarchical Categories, Postie, runPHP, SRG Clean Archives, Wordpress Database Backup, Wordpress PDA.

I know that others have had problems with Customizable Post Listings as well as Get Recent Comments, but hopefully it'll continue to work with the stable version tomorrow. But in case you're going to upgrade, here's a list of compatible plugins to 2.3. If you look, some of my working plugins are on their incompatible list.

And I promise, there won't be so much blogging technical talk soon. Well, maybe one more when I get it all finished.
2011 July

[Blogging] Going Mobile


This is an update about what I've done to samanthaling.com. Nothing all that interesting on the front end, but in the back end, I added a few functionalities for myself.

The first is that I've added a plugin called Wordpress PDA, which reroutes browsers if it detects that you are using a mobile browser such as Blazer. If you use a mobile browser and it doesn't work for you, let me know. The template used for that is very basic and it uses a lot of links I don't use for the regular template. But it allows you to read the posts as well as comment should you feel the need. And that's what I ultimately wanted.

It was an easy install. Unzip, upload, activate. That was pretty much it.
I just wish that Livejournal had a mobile version. Reading my friends list is cumbersome, and don't even talk to me about posting comments on there.

The second is that I added the Postie plugin. It's a wordpress plugin that will allow me to update via email. This way, when I'm writing from my pda phone, I don't have to try to copy and paste to another browser window. I write one email and send it off. The only clunkiness about it is that Postie requires you put the category in the subject line, which means that it'll show up in LJ. And in order for me to use lj tags, I have to the use the :start and :end lines, which will show up in LJ as well. But at least I can get tags and you guys don't really care though right? I mean, you'll know when the entry starts and stops. You won't be worried that it got cut off somehow, right? Right?

I'm using Godaddy.com and they allow cron jobs, which you can get to via the control panel. This was a little more complicated since I tried using my Gmail account. Though it's supposed to work with Gmail as other people have done so before, it looks like the later Wordpress versions (2.2 at least) doesn't work with it. When I switched to another email account, it could access the email server, but it was still not working right. If you don't have the photo and file upload directories set correctly, they won't work right. I had to put those folders in the root file rather than the plugins file. But once I did that, the everything seemed to work.

So this is my first post testing this post by email for both LJ and WP.

Hopefully it'll all work out!


Here's an update:

The cron job doesn't quite work, but if you go to /plugins/postie/get_mail.php in your web browser, it'll grab the entry for you. I am too tired of troubleshooting to be bothered with it right now.

LJ won't grab the entry if you have anything in the cc: or bcc: areas. You also can't put the lj email address in those fields either. You have to put all your email addresses in the to: field, which pretty much conks out any email notifies if you want to keep your livejournal password secret.