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2011 July

100 words for 100 days

The local RWA chapter is having a little writing dare of sorts. We're charged with writing 100 words a day every day for 100 days. You can write more than 100 words, but you can't write less. It officially starts tomorrow and ends May 13th, assuming you write every day.If you don't write every day, meaning that you skip a day of writing, your 100 days starts over again. It also doesn't include blogging or email or any other multitude of things. It's writing as in writing a story. It's not brainstorming. It's not revising. It's writing 100 new words.

The paragraph above is 100 words.

I believe I should be able to at least attempt this. The theory is that if you make it part of your every day routine, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, you'd manage to do it all the time after that. I'm not sure if that's true, but I would like to try.

Now, I know some of you are also trying to write (I'm looking at you frabjouslinz.) So maybe you'll want to try too. I'll be posting my progress every Monday to keep me honest.

2011 July

Typie Typerton

175 wordsTouchtyping for free
Oh yes, I am a machine.

Except that it's been doctored. I really type around 90 words a minute if I really concentrate. On average I type about 75 words a minute. And I use all 10 fingers. How people can type 125 words a minute is a little beyond me.

What I've noticed amongst all those people who have taken this test is that typing speed has nothing to do with writing output. Some writers who type with only three fingers have written much more than I have. And it just goes to show that writing is all about perserverance. You can have 30 fingers, but if you don't sit down and do it, a 1 fingered person will have accomplished more than you.
2011 July

The B&N Hangout

We are sitting at Branes and Nobles on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Chris usually has a knack of wanting to hang out here when I don't have any of my writing things.

We would usually go to Target beforehand so that I could pick up a notebook and pen for less than $3. But today I came prepared. I brought my newly bought Timbuk2 messenger bag (from Zappos for 40% off, thank you very much).

I had fully stocked it with pens, sticky notes, stapler, paper clips and scissors. I don't know why I have the scissor, but just in case I have to cut a deadly itchy tag from someone's shirt, I will be ready! I also remembered to put my various notebooks in there as I had decided that's where they go when I'm done with them. The only thing I forgot was the laptop, well, sort of..

You see, I was writing on my main computer and remembered to save it. I save after every paragraph. Call it paranoia. The only problem was that I failed to save it onto my thumb drive. And since I didn't have it on my thumb drive, I decided not to bother to bring my portable laptop. I know, you're all ashamed of me. But at least you get this lovely journal entry instead.

Now enough about procrastinating. Let's get on to the real work and the reason why we're even here in the first place. I am going to write. Oh yes, people, I said writing. I will finish another story someday!