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I’m not sure what to think about the new HOA rules. We now have 24 hour security. And all tenants are required to have a parking sticker. I’m all for the new security. What I don’t like is that they have our a copy of our car registration and our drivers licenses. Not only that, but since I never changed my name, they have a copy of the marriage certificate on file as well.

I somehow feel like they have too much information on me. If someone should break into that office, which is a club house office with a lot of windows, they will then have copies of those files.

You can do a lot with just a name and an address. I’m not sire what a marriage license will get you, but that feels like private information for the association to have.

None of the volunteers were poking around in the files though, so I guess they are keeping that information private. But still, I feel like it’s a violation of homeowners rights. I guess that’s what I give up for a security guard at the gates.

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