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Mellow Mushroom

I was telling E that she should write a food blog. Not only does she try to visit all sorts of different restaurants, she’s also able to find BOGO deals. (BOGO means “Buy One Get One” free or half off or whatever the current deal was.) And she also studied journalism, so why not, right? And she’s hella funny. People would totally read that.

And as I was talking to her about it, I realized that I need to write in my much neglected bog. How sad it was that I could only write two entries a month lately. And it’s not like I didn’t have anything to write about. I’m just, well, lazy.

So what else should I write about besides food?

Several months ago, Jay Lake had come to Florida to teach a class. We took him to Mellow Mushroom near Winter Park. We had gone because E had recommended it and we couldn’t figure out where else to go. Since that visit, we’d gone to the one on Colonial several times.

The Mellow Mushroom in Winter Park isn’t much different than the Mellow Mushroom on Colonial. They both have outdoor seating areas and the insides are painted in a whimsical hippy feeling way. The only difference is that the the one on Colonial is newer and bigger.

The thing that you absolutely have to have are their ptretzels. It’s made out of their pizza dough and is delicious. But then it could be that it’s because the thing is drenched in butter and salt. It is one of my favorite things there. I usually get a Caesar salad and a meatball sandwich on wheat. It costs us about $17 for all of that and Chris and I share.

I wouldn’t suggest you order fany other sandwich though. I tried their jerk chicken sandwich and got a jerk onion sandwich. There was plenty of sauce, bit little bitty pieces of minced chicken. I think it’s what they throw onto their pizzas. I talked to others that have ordered their sandwiches and they said that they’ve never gotten a good one.

What they’re known for is pizza. I haven’t had them because I think they are a little expensive. But every time that we’ve gone, everyone has always ordered one.

Jay had ordered a calzone and that thing was big. There was more than enough to take home and make a whole other meal.

They also have various assortments of beer. They look like microbrews. I don’t drink beer, so I can’t tell you if they’re good at all. They also have trvia nights on Tuesdays. At least, that’s what the waitress told us.

The last time that we went, they did have lunch specials.

They look like a good deal if you’re not super hungry.

It’s a good restaurant that I is well worth trying. Let me know how you like it!

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