Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Helen’s Great Disney Hunt & Internet Fatigue

Several weeks ago, Helen Mosher came to Orlando for a conference about social media.   After the conference, I picked her up at her hotel.  She needed to buy some souvenirs and I hadn’t been to Downtown Disney for a while, so we spent the day chatting and shopping for Disney stuff. She found an adorable Tigger onesie. (She got the last one!). And I found a Buzz Lightyear one for my nephew.

We didn’t find much Winnie the Pooh stuff. And we asked a staff member where all that was. He said that Winnie was one of the properties that Disney doesn’t own. The Milne family still owns that and there was some kind of tiff between the estate and Disney. So of course, Disney pulled a bunch of the merchandise and we couldn’t find much of anything.  I suppose it’s one of those financial struggle things.  If Disney didn’t put out the merchandise, then who has the rights to that?  Could someone else?  Could Warner?!  But this, like many other power struggles, has to do with getting what you want.  So we’ll see who folds first.

Helen is one of the first people that I met online way back when chat was still active. Back when people would hang out there and chat and have a good time.   So it was kind of a coincidence when Helen posted something about Internet fatigue.  For a while, I didn’t feel like blogging or tweeting. I didn’t read any blogs or any tweets. I didn’t do much of anything online. And that’s ok. I think being on the Internet too much can burn you out. There was just too much reading involved to keep in touch with all the people you know and all the things that interest you.

I think it’s ok to take a break sometimes whether it’s just a day or a month, you can go and leave the online world behind and do what you need to do.  We all need some alone time, even if it’s from online friends.  But I’m slowly coming back online.  There’s no way I will be able to keep up with everybody and all their doings, so forgive me if I miss something.

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