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Doctor visit

So I finally found a doctor in the area that isn’t totally a quack. There are so many in Florida that don’t instill any sort of confidence in me. I’m healthy, no worries, but I want to know that if something is wrong that my doctor can figure it out or have resources to draw on.

So this new doctor I found is associated with the hospital here. A couple of weeks back, I had my blood drawn and I peed in a cup. These are all a standard battery of tests as a new patient. I’m back for more standard things, and he’s going to go over my bloodwork and my urinalysis. It’s nothing serious or he’d have called me in sooner. I do have to change my diet. Something about too much starches(rice, pasta, potatoes) that I have to cut down on that are effecting some liver enzymes. He wants me to get take another blood test. By the time you read this I would have already gotten that done. Yaay more needles!

But part of the standard battery of tests today was an EKG, which I’ve never had. I’ve never needed one, but for them, it’s a standard thing to do.

I always thought EKG stickers were those white things with the red nipples and the nurses put those clamps on you. Bit these were little tab looking things that reminded me of post-it flags. There were like ten stickers in all, two of which were on my legs above my ankles. After she attached the clamps, it was like five seconds before It was over. The setup took twice as long. She took the stickers off, which left red welts which my doctor commented on. I explained that an allergist had told me that I have a hyperactive immune system. And Dr. S said, hence your allergies!

After looking at me eczema, determining they were nothing more than allergies, I got a tetanus shot. More needles!

So hopefully my liver enzymes are nothing more than a bad count and I don’t have anything serious.

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