Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Friday Five: High School Edition

I know it’s not Friday, but when do I ever do these on Friday?

1. Would you return to high school life for a week? Why or why not? (If you’re currently in high school, would you redo your experiences so far?)
This serious of questions is coming at an appropriate time since I just had a nightmare about being back in high school. I didn’t know when and where my classes were and I’d lost my schedule. Would I go back? No way.

2. Who were/are you in high school?
I was awkward and had no fashion. My friends were fairly popular on that two were our prom princesses, neither of them won. I can’t remember who did though. On facebook, you can search for people who graduated from your high school class, I totally don’t remember a good 80% of them.

Who was I? It was the geeky kid.

3. What was/is your favorite high school hangout? What did/do you do there?
This, I seriously don’t remember. I mean that was like 14 years ago! I do remember in my senior year, we would go over to my friend’s house for lunch. She lived a block away and we would watch General Hospital.

4. What were/are your favorite three songs in high school?
Hmmm…I don’t remember anything about the music I listened to back then. It’s funny the things I remember. I do remember that the chorus geeks loved Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. We would sing the songs all
the time. And the worse part was that I was also in band.

5. What was the craziest thing you did in high school?
This is so sad. I didn’t do anything interesting in high school. While my friends went out to clubs and evening dinners, I wasn’t allowed to go out at night. I spent my evenings at home. I was lucky I was able to go to my prom! But I do remember that I wore a qi pap to my junior prom and a southern belle dress for my senior prom. I was only outdone by the couple wearing the full renaissance outfit.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go back to high school, bad hair, bad skin, bad clothes. Bullies! And we had our share of those. College though, that’s a more promising prospect, even if I did have to work my way through it. At least college was fun.

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