Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Friday Five

1. If your car/bike is wrecked (if your mass transit service goes belly-up), do you know what you would do to replace it, perhaps even have the car or bike you want already picked out?
I don’t have a car picked out. But I do know that the next one we get will be a hybrid. Our first concern, however, is finding one large enough to fit Chris. He’s 6′5″, so we’ll need something that has plenty of leg room. By the time we’ll be in the market for one, I’m hoping we’ll have more of a choice.

2. A client/friend gives you a lottery ticket, which wins you a prize worth (after taxes) ten times as much money as you earned/received last year. What will you do with it?
I don’t understand this question. What would anyone do with a windfall? Buy a few friends some gifts, go on a trip, save the rest. Of course I would give that friend/client something as well. They gave me the ticket knowing full well that I could totally win.

3. Fight or flee?
Lol. How am I supposed to answer a question like that without a scenarI mean seriously. I wish I could think of something clever to say, but the Zyrtec left in my system still has me a little drowsy. And then the daylight savings time has me all screwed up. I hate getting up earlier!

4. Someone performs a random act of kindness that is exactly what you need on a bad day. If you wish to pay them back, would you write a poem, bake, buy something, or what?
I think the point of random acts of kindness is to spread more acts of kindness. So to pay them back, I think I would commit another random act on someone else. I think the theory is that it will eventually get back to you when you need it the most.

5. Your manager commands you to pick a charity to contribute to. Do you resist? If not, which charity would be your first choice?
Why would anyone resist giving to charity? I suppose there are those that think people deserve what they get, whether it be bad luck or ill health. But you’d be a bad bad person for thinking that. I would pick the Ronald McDonald House. They have houses near hospitals for parents with sick children. They work off donations and only charge the parents $10 a day to help offset the cost of operation. They feed you and give you a place to stay with a bed, sheets, pillow, and blankets! All donated.

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