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Let’s Explore!

On our visit to San Francisco, one of the places that we went to was the Exploratorium: the museum of science, art, and human perception.  The last time I was there was maybe 8 years ago.  Every time I go, there are always new things to see.  We went on Thursday, which meant that there weren’t that many people there.  It looked like some schools had bussed students in for the day because they cleared out about 2p.m. in time for them to go home.

We started in the back, which was where the visual experiments were.  Chris really enjoyed this color dome which encased you in different colors.  You turned the knob to change the colors.

This particular exhibit asked if you felt different depending on the color.  It went on to say that scientists haven’t been able to determine what colors effect what emotions because different cultures associate different colors with different things.

Some exhibits explain things such as perception.

While others were just plain fun.

</p> </p>

This bubble exhibit has been at the Exploratorium since I was in elementary school.  There is no explanation at all at this exhibit.  It was one of the most popular exhibits at the museum.

Chris didn’t like the science one’s too much.  I enjoyed watching the little embryo of a zebra fish under a microscope.  It said that the embryo twitches when the nerve endings were created.  They also had baby chick embryos, but I’m not sure that one’s for everybody.  They’ve cracked a fertilized egg and you can see it in several stages, one of which has a beating hear and another had a moving eye.  Unfortunately, one of the chick embryos had died and was growing mold.  It was kind of icky.

We spent about 5 hours at the museum and didn’t finish all the exhibits.  We were still playing with exhibits until we were kicked out.

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