Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Baby Expressions

Since baby Jayden was born, I’ve been buying random baby items. Since they got most of the big things that they need due to the parents, they only need the day to day things. (Mostly diapers, but I’m not shipping those. They aren’t as light as you think!)

There’s a Carter’s where we eat lunch once a week and a Super Target, which is dangerous since Carter’s always has a sign about sales. There is always something or other for only $3.99! So I go in and manage to spend much more than $3.99 plus tax.

Over the weekend, we were at the mall and there was a Pottery Barn Kids. The Z’s and The G’s both have kids. I normally wouldn’t go in there since I thought it was all furniture, but it’s got doll houses and toys and all that. There were a few things that were on super sale. so I left there with a plushy robot and a froggy wash cloth.

We went to Old Navy and I found some really cute clothes. So of course I bought it. At this rate, by the time I eventually go to visit them, I will need pack another piece of luggage.

I told my brother that I can’t stop buying stuff for him and he said that’s what aunties are for!

Speaking of which, guess who loves his auntie?

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Tags: baby stuff, family, jayden

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