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A Dollar Short

The other day, we went over to The Z’s House and played Scategories. It’s a game where you roll a die. It tells you what letter to use. You have a list of things and you have to figure out things that start with that letter. For instance, on one of the lists is color, so you write down indigo or ivory (both of which were used. I wrote down indigo. We’re a smart group of people ).

One of the other one’s was a body part that starts with T. We were super smart with that one. N one of us wrote toes or tongue. We did things like tonsils and tibia. Chris’s favorite was things to yell that start with T. He wrote “Tear them apart!” He also got Peter Parker for heroes that start with P. Yes, it was a lax game.

It definitely took me some time to get warmed up. I didn’t nearly do as well the first round as I did on my second round. Some of them were definitely really difficult. We got letter I for one of the lists and that is just damned hard. I mean, how many spices start with T? Animals? Tools?

But D should be easy right? Well for some reason, I couldn’t figure out a historical figure that started with D. You’d think that throughout written history threre would be one person that did something for us to remember them? But all I could think of were Greek myths. Dionysis. Diana. Demeter. None of thise people existed. Needless to say, I lost out on that one.

Several hours later, while brushing my teeth, the answer comes to me. “Dwight D. Eisenhower!” I say through a mouthful of tooth paste. I would have totally gotten double points for that one. Alas, it was too late. But at least I figured out an easy one.

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