Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Happy New Year!

Chris and I spent New Year’s Eve at home again this year.  This year, however, we rented Hellboy 2 from Movies on Demand and then watched Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin do the countdown.  I don’t know if I’m getting old or what, but I quite enjoyed that.  Our neighbors also managed to obtain professional fireworks again and they set them off again behind our house.  This time, however, there wasn’t any mishaps, and therefore no crazy screaming.

Today, I did some chores and then went to dinner with a few friends.  I enjoy doing something with people New Year’s day.  It’s like starting the new year with friends.  For some reason, I also felt like I had to, I mean, absolutely HAD TO write a journal entry today.  Like it’ll start the year with goodness or something. 

As for baby update news, Baby Jayden was able to eat on his own and kept his food down.  They were going to up his feeding from 38 milliliters to something else.  They ultimately wanted him to be at about 50 milliliters before they let them go home, but he got jaundice, so they’ve got him back on the tube again while he’s in The Box.  So they’ll be at the hospital a little longer than they wanted.  I’m not too worried about the jaundice though, all the babies I’ve known had jaundice.  Chris had jaundice.  A little time in The Box and they’ll be fine.  But I hope that he gains weight fast enough so that they can go home eventually.  They’ll have a 4 hour drive when they do!

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