Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Talky Hairstylist

I mentioned before that my old hair stylist left my salon two weeks before my wedding and failed to contact me regarding my wedding.  So I had to find a new hair stylist. She’s really talkative, a little too much for me.  I had my hair cut and I heard several things about her.

I found out that her daughter’s dog had died.  It had managed to chew the leg off some animal and ended up with a bowel obstruction.  The dog had been throwing up for a couple of days and then it went to the vet for a few days before they found the obstruction.  And finally,  the dog had surgery, but didn’t make it through the night.

Then she retold me the story about her visit to Vegas.  She had remembered that I’d been there recently because I’d mentioned it before.  She stayed at the Venetian and liked how they brought over cucumbers and orange wedges to you at the pool, how they had really fantastic flat panel televisions everywhere including the bathroom.  And how she went to the sky bar at the Palms and the bouncer wouldn’t let her in because she didn’t have her I.D.  She was rather upset because she’s obviously over 18 and the bouncer was giving her attitude.

I didn’t want to tell her that she should carry her I.D. with her at all times, even if she wasn’t intending on driving or using it.  Because you never know what’s going to happen when you’re out and about.  You could get hurt and they wouldn’t know who to call because they wouldn’t know who you were.

But I didn’t bother telling her that I already heard this story because I was just too tired.  I just wanted to get my hair cut.

Then she told me about Epcot and how they have a reading of the Nativity scene at Epcot every year and it’s read by a famous person.  and how they have a chorus and it’s cold.  She’s not religious in any way, but it’s really pretty and worth the trip.

I stayed quiet about this too because I’m not willing to spend $70 to Epcot to do that plus tickets to the Nativity.

She curled the bottom of my hair with a big fat brush, so I didn’t notice that it was a little uneven.  After washing my hair and seeing it all straightened out, it’s not only uneven, but maybe a little crooked.  And I wonder if she didn’t talk so much, maybe my hair wouldn’t be so ragged.

I’ve given them a call and left a message.  They’re closed until Monday, so I’ll probably get it fixed then.  Or maybe Tuesday.

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