Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

I Covet Gadgets

I love gadgets. I love that there are so many different little devices out there that does so many different things. And if I had all the money in the world, I’d probably have all these gadgets. But since I do have a budget, I only have a handful of gadgets and some are several years old. Like my iPod for example is the old black and white version with only 20gb of storage. That’s positively ancient and small by today’s standards, but it still works and I still have plenty of room on it to hold several thousand more songs. But I do covet the iPod Touch. I tell myself if my iPod dies, that’s the one that I’ll get.

My current covet worthy gadget is the Google G1 phone. I like it mostly because it’s new and shiny. The only reason that I haven’t gotten it is that it’s T-mobile only and I’m on Verizon. I’ve had really good service with them, and T-Mobile is hit or miss in my area, so I’m holding off for now. Plus, the additional required data plan would also add another $30 to each month. Though $30 isn’t a lot, it is the amount of a nice dinner out each month. But mainly, the phone doesn’t have enough apps for me to covet it enough. For a relatively sleek phone, it still won’t let you edit word documents, and though that has been promised, I’m not holding my breath.

Earlier this year, I bought he Nokia N810, which I absolutely love. But the problem is that there aren’t any good productivity apps on it. Nobody at a company is saying,”We can make a lot of money making apps for the Maemo platform” and so there aren’t. Any new apps that come along are by people who do it for the love and so the lovely Abiword that worked on previous versions of Maemo aren’t working now. And it seems like there’s only one guy working on it. In his copious spare time. The same with Google Gears for Maemo. I can’t edit things offline. The best I can do for word processing is using a plain text editor, which is fine, I suppose, but not as great as a fully functional word processor.

But I still love the N810 because it allows me to write using a thumb keyboard, which helps alleviate my shoulder problems from sitting at a computer all day for my dayjob. No matter how I adjust my desk, my shoulder continues to hurt. I’m not sure what else to do with that, but I’m grateful that I can write without exacerbating my shoulder any more.

Because of the lack of apps for the N810 however, I have no rush to buy the G1 Google Phone. I’m afraid that I’d end up being frustrated by that device as well. But, you know, that won’t keep me from coveting it and reading about its developments.

What do you covet?

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