Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

The Birthday Bag

As I’ve already mentioned before, Chris’s birthday is the 20th, which is tomorrow.  Last week, we went to Best Buy and I got him Far Cry 2 (I almost bought Fallout 3, but he’d already had that game).  So after I bought it, I gave him the bag.   (Yes, I know, I should have waited, but where am I going to hide a birthday present?  I mean, really.  We live in the same house and we both work from home.)

So I gave him the bag and he called it the Birthday Bag.  Anything that’s in there is his.  At least, that’s what he’s decided.  So he has told me that he’s put little pieces of paper in there written with stuff like “1 kiss from Ling” and “1 hug from Ling”.  I haven’t looked in that Birthday Bag since I gave it to him, but I have a feeling it’s brimming with little notes.  I’m going to put in a note too.  Something like “1 New Purse for Ling”.

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Tags: birthday, chris, nablopomo

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