Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Crazy Sweets!

So we very rarely actually eat at Sweets! the cupcake shop that we go to.  Most of the time, we pick up a cupcake to share and bring it home because we’d just finished lunch or dinner and I had no room for any more food.  But today, we had time to sit and eat, except that 2/3 of the tables were covered with their stuff.  People were sitting in the 3 booths that were left.  And we were left standing around wondering what to do.  It’s not like you can eat ice cream outdoors in Florida.  It melts the minute you step outside.  You have to hork it down before it becomes a chocolate milk.

I was fully disappointed and rather cross that they used their eating tables as storage and a place to put together boxes and deal with accounting tasks.  Why didn’t they do this on Thursday or Monday when nobody was there?  Why do it on a Friday evening?  It’s like they don’t care.  Where do they think people should sit?

It looks like tomorrow morning, there will be a large birthday party of some sort.  There’s going to be a lucky little child somewhere.  And tons of hyper children.

And they’re going to ship it in this scary truck.

Why is her image so large on the truck?  It’s totally frightening!

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