Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Dead Space Review

Dead Space is part Halo, part Bioshock. So the story is that you’ve gone to a mining ship to fix it. When you get there everyone is dead, except, you know, they aren’t. Now it turns out that there are monsters wandering around the ship and they’re infected with something they found on the planet. There are creatures frighteningly like the flood in Halo. And there’s a mad scientist type guy like in Bioshock that’s allowing these monsters to roam free. You’ve got telekinsis like in Bioshock where you’ve got to move things out of your way. Having said that though, the game is pretty decent.

I’m on Chapter 6 of the game and I think there are 10 chapters. I am mostly out of money and I’ve used up all my upgrade nodes to uberize what amounts to be the pistol. It’s an electric cutter that you’re given when you start your adventures. I’ve been having to buy med kits and ammo.

Now Chris….He’s got more credits than he knows what to do with, hasn’t upgraded anything and has 7 upgrade nodes in his inventory. He’s playing this game with just the electric cutter, but he’s only upgraded it once for kicks. He’s using most of his nodes for opening special areas. He’s got a major stash of med kits in his bank. He’s like a packrat. I don’t understand how he’s not getting hit in this game. Or maybe I’ve just been a lazy player.

I was rationing my ammo, making sure I targetted correctly before I took my shot. But when my inventory got full with ammo, I just started shooting willy nilly. Now that I’m out, I think I should be more careful of my shooting….and maybe not kamakaze my way through the game so much. I think that’s half the fun though.

Everyone says the game is scary, but to me, it’s just a lot of things jumping at you from nowhere accompanied by a loud noise. It’s more a startle you tactic rather than anything that will give you nightmares.

I’d say it’s worth a rental, or when the game costs $30.

Oh, and achievements are easy to get. You get one for finishing every chapter. You also get one for finishing the game with only the electric cutter. Which, I think, Chris is going to manage to accomplish.

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