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Did you know that most people read blogs during their lunch hour? That’s what the NaBloPoMo FAQ says. I don’t really think that’s true. I think most people read blogs the after getting into the office and making sure there aren’t any emergencies. At least, that’s how my old office did it. There was no work once people got it. They’d go to the coffee house and get something to drink and eat first as a group! Man they were slackers.

So last night, we went to pick up my engagement ring. Again. I think out of the seven month engagement, I’d only had it for three months. It’s much more blingy than I remembered, but not having had it for over a month, you sort of forget what it really looks like. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Right next to the jewelers is a Borders. We have a B&N near our house, so we’re always there. B&N always had books on their tables and on their portable shelves. The books were always neatly lined, even the random books single discount books were neatly shelved away. Borders, however, had two empty tables and one empty display shelf. Their remainders table was disheveled, books were laying on their side, on their spine, on their faces. They had super discount books, buy one get one free. They were in boxes that had their tops ripped off. I bought some, of course, can’t pass up interesting books for $3 each. My hands were covered in book dust, which makes my hands swell a little bit.

All those empty shelves and books not being taken care of makes me wonder if they’re going to be closing down these Borders. All these rumors about them not carrying a lot of author’s books looks to be true for local Borders. But I noticed that it’s not just SF/F books, but a lot of romance and mystery books were missing too. They had a lot of popular stuff, things they knew would sell, but it wasn’t as many books as B&N. But what was really funny was that this Borders was going to have a Twilight event for the opening of the movie. I think the employees try to get people in, but the fact that they don’t have a huge amount of books really does hurt them. I’m just glad the B&N here is better and I can get what I want without having to wait and order it. I don’t think I’d buy as many books that way. I buy a lot of them on impulse. Have a good morning everyone!

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