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Samantha Ling

NaBloPoMo: Halloween Candy, isn’t that Dandy?

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Happy Day After Halloween!!

I had bought 6 bags of candy thinking that there would be some kids coming to the house.

We were good, buying them the last minute (this afternoon), so that we wouldn’t eat that many of them. I remember last year we’d bought them a week ahead of time and had to go buy more because we ate too many of them. So we bought them later so we wouldn’t eat that much candy.

I bought Butterfingers, Reese’ Peanut Butter, Milk Duds, Kit Kats, Now and Laters, but only 2 children came. A couple of brothers from the neighborhood dressed up as Spiderman and Batman. I gave them each a huge handful of candy. Let me remember next year to buy just one bag of candy. Because no kids are trick-or-treating in this neighborhood. They’ve all probably gone down to the shopping plaza to trick-or-treat there. It’s guaranteed candy, since all the businesses have posters stating that they’re participants in Halloween night. This area, on the other hand, is probably hit or miss.

So you have to remind me not to buy so much candy.

I didn’t dress up. So sad, I know. But, Triple J did and they’ve allowed me to post their photos.

Here’s Joanne dressed up as a Hirujuku Girl. I like her socks. It’s totally argyle! And I think she’s the only one who kept her umbrella from the wedding. I know a couple of them got totally mangled in the rain, so they weren’t worth taking home with them. I didn’t even bother taking mine home!

And here’s James. Joanne made the costume with a bunch of iron on transfers. Pretty cool, huh? What did you dress up as?

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