Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

My Hello Kitty Bathroom

I don't think my Hello Kitty bathroom is nearly obnoxious enough. I feel like I need some stuff for the toilet. It's a little too stark for me. I need some Hello Kitty tchochkees on the back of the toilet. Do you think they make Hello Kitty TP Cozies? Chris doesn't like the idea of a toilet seat cover. I've also got a soap dispenser on the counter and a couple of towels on the rack.

Chris thinks that I'll probably need a Hello Kitty poster to make it truly obnoxious. But I think what it really needs is a coat of horribly pink paint on the walls. Except that I don't want to paint. I'll just have to repaint everything white again when we try to resell the house.

What do you think of my Hello Kitty bathroom? Suggestions on what else to add?

Tags: hello kitty, my life
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