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Project Runway 5

So with the wedding and all that, I haven't posted much on Project Runway. I know some of you have been watching it, and I've finally caught up on all the episodes. Spoilers ahead if you haven't caught up.

I would have gotten caught up last night, except that we lost power for a good half hour last night. It was a bad storm and this morning, there's a tornado warning for counties near the coast. By the time the light came back on, it was already time for bed. It is pitch black when the lights go out in my neighborhood. So dark that my phone can be used as a pretty good flashlight. Now to about the show!

I really thought Jerrell might have had a chance. He has the ability to make things opulent, but as his wedding dress showed, he needed to learn to edit. And I'm a little disappointed that he didn't make it. But I hope he continues to design. I think eventually, he'll make it as a designer of lovely gowns.

Leanne surprised me the most with her wedding dress. I never really thought much of her work. They were a little boring and mostly forgettable. But her little wave dress was actually really nice. Though I wouldn't wear her bridesmaid dress, I can see it fitting well with the wedding dress. Like Amy, I would like to see Leanne get a little make-over. She's too mousy to be a designer now. She needs more flair. More excitement. She reminds me of that nice quiet woman who volunteers at the local animal shelter.

Now Kenley. I'm glad she apologized for being mean during the show. I think her time on the tugboat has made her unable to deal with people who don't love her and approve of her all the time. But her dress was cute. I liked it well enough. But I was also curious about the Alexander McQueen dress Nina and Michael Kors mentioned. So I tracked it down and I have to say, they aren't identical, but I can see where they feel like it's done before. The silhouette is similar. The length is the same. They're both strapless. And the worst part is that the McQueen dress was a feather peacock print and Kenley chose to use feathers.

I think the worst part is that McQueen's collection was for Fall 2008, which would have probably been really close to when they would have seen Kenley's outfit. Though the dress is not exact, it's similar enough for them to feel a little bit put off. Like did she get the idea from McQueen? It was too much a coincidence for them to sit right with it.

I think they keep her because they remind her a little bit of Betsey Johnson who also has a retro 50's style. The difference is that Betsey Johnson is capable of making it modern, whereas Kenley repeats the 50's. From the choice of her fabrics to the colors of them, she's chosen things grandma would wear. All you have to do is watch Madmen to see what they've done with updating the 50's look while keeping it traditional. She needs to find better flower prints.

Now who do I think will win? This is a hard one. From what I've seen of their collections, assuming they haven't made any major changes, I think Leanne will win. The one I felt most blah about, turned out to have the most interesting collections. Korto's designs are nice, but nothing spectacular. Kenley's just chosen the wrong colors for her dresses. They're dull. And from what I can see, she's made more 50's dresses.

So Leanne's my pick. With Kenley to follow mostly because the judges love her. And then Korto. I love the colors she uses, but her design isn't the best.

It's raining heavily now, so I'll post this before we lose electricity again. Who do you think will win?

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