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Samantha Ling

Vegas Wandering

We spent the bulk of our days walking around Vegas. The last time we were there, we stayed mostly near our hotel, The Aladdin. We had an extra day this time, so we walked all the way to Mandalay Bay and the Wynn (Not all in one day thought). All the hotels were busy with gamblers, but it seemed the only reason to go to specific hotels was because of the massive amount of shopping they offered. Unfortunately for me, pretty much all the stores they had, we have in Orlando. And our sales tax is lower by 1.5% point. So it wasn't as though there was anything new there that I couldn't find at home. For cheaper. One of the things I really enjoyed about Vegas was the shopping, but alas. I get the same shopping at home. But it was still nice to walk around the hotels.

Bellagio always has the lovely garden in which they change periodically. This time around, it was the fall season, so there were lots of pumpkins everywhere and a lot of fall colors. My phone lacks muchly in the ways of photo taking and I didn't bring my big camera, so we're left with really bad photos. But luckily there were other people who'd gone previous years and taken better photos. I was surprised not to find any photos from this year though since there were about a thousand people taking photos there, but maybe none of them were internet savvy. Or maybe they haven't returned home yet. But here's one of the photos from the garden.

I really liked the fantasy of it. There were grasshoppers as well and giant Venus fly traps. It's one of my favorite one's for that garden. But I haven't been there in so long, I've mostly forgotten what the others were.

The further we went down towards Mandalay Bay, the seedier it seemed to get. We got a lot more nudie show offers down that way. Chris called it the nudie end of the strip. I used to remember as a kid that Excalibur and the Luxor were awesome. Maybe they were more awesome back then, but as an adult, they looked like run-down little hotels with too low ceilings. However, Mandalay Bay was still very nice and it smelled of Gardenias. The Bellagio and many of the other hotels stank of cigarette smoke, more so than I remembered. I'm not sure if it's because I'd just become more sensitive to it, or that there were so many more smokers this time. I never wanted to stay in the casino area long at all.

New York, New York seemed like a dark little hotel with nothing to offer except Coyote Ugly. That's all nice and good, but not for me. I wish that the Caesar's magical Empire was still around because that's more my thing that the Pussycat Dolls that replaced them. But Vegas changes in order to get as much action as it can and for the time being, it still thinks that trying to get a younger, cooler generation to visit is where the money is.

As we walked through all the hotels, Chris stopped by all the restaurants to check out their menus. Having seen pretty much all of them, the food seemed to be pretty much the same from hotel to hotel. The prices differed depending on who the chef was and which hotel you were staying in.

One of the restaurants was offering the 777 Burger.

And yes, it does cost you $777. Needless to say, we didn't eat there nor get that.

The Wynn was completely dead. There was no one there except this overly dressed couple who went down to the club 1p.m. The doorman was a tweedy looking man in an argyle sweater who we thought was just waiting for his friend. I felt like the hotel tried too hard to be the "it" place. I mean, that place was deserted. Even Excalibur had more people milling around gambling. The Wynn staff tried to give us packages and incentives to stay there and play. We declined. We had better hotels to visit and shop at.

The Aladdin hotel was taken over by Planet Hollywood, but it's a fake sort of take-over. Everything's the same except for the front facade and the gambling area. The Desert Passage still looked like a desert market and the back of the hotel still looked like an Arabian palace. Even the hotel rooms were still the same, so I've heard. It's been that way since they bought the place. I don't suppose they're going to change it. Maybe they're just trying to figure out what they want to do with it before they do it. But everything's still pretty much the same.

We walked for more than 5 hours each day, wandering from hotel to hotel. It's way more exercise than I get in a month at home. My feet are still trying to recover!

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