Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling


I've got a big enough USB key now where I can install portable apps. Since I work on so many different computers, it's nice to be able to take my work with me, regardless of which one I use. The most notable is Thunderbird and Zoundry Raven. So now I won't wonder which computer I wrote what journal entry on or be stuck at one computer for my emails.

The one thing I discovered having to re-download all my email again is that I don't like the way gmail is set up. Having never gone into gmail to delete anything, I then had over 20,000 emails available for download. I went through and made filters for everything and deleted all but 8k of them, at which point, I was just tired of deleting. The problem with it is that in order to link Thunderbird with Gmail, you have to use IMAP. But if you use that, you'l lend up with the same structure as it does in gmail. I don't know how to make folders in gmail, only labels and when you're at the inbox and you're looking for one email, having to wade through all the one's you've labeled also is no fun. I don't know how to separate them. I like the way my folders are set up now in Thunderbird. I just wish that when I delete the one's on Thunderbird, it would delete the one's on gmail. It sadly, does not happen that way. Do you know of a better way?

But, I can't complain. I can check email on any computer now, not just the downstairs big fat laptop with additional monitor.

Tags: gmail, my life, portable apps, thunderbird, zoundry

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