Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Read Between the Lines

Remember last month when I talked about how my laptop decided that it was slowly kicking the bucket? Well, over the weekend a fourth line appeared. And even though I'd said that I'd wait until the fifth line appeared, I was sort of worrying that it would just kick the bucket. So I went out and got a new monitor. It's nothing fancy, but it is nice. At least for what I need it to do, which is surf the net and write. Maybe the occasional game.

Since my previous computer was a laptop, it meant that I couldn't hide it somewhere like a tower. I've decided to keep the laptop open the whole time because I have it set to go to sleep when I don't use it for a while. I'd have to open it back up anyway to turn it back on. It's best this way. At least I won't do anything with the hinges. When/if this laptop completely dies and I can't do anything with it, I'll get a desktop next. At least then I could use the space under my desk for the tower. Right now, the setup is cruelly inefficient.

Also, I noticed that I didn't actually update the wordpress properly so it was sort of broken and nobody had noticed. But that's ok, I think most everyone reads through LJ anyway. If, for whatever reason, the wordpress site is down, you can always read my ramblings there. It's been mirrored there for a while now and most people comment over there too.

Tags: computer

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