Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Wedding invitations are almst ready to go

So I have made up the invitations and stuffed most of them. I bought more than I needed because I knew there would be some goof ups and there were. A few of them were smudged because I have an inkjet printer and the paper is vellum. Also, I smudged some with my fingers and I miswrote some addresses.

I am awaiting a final list from Chris's family. Apparently, the mother's list does not include the father's list. So I am refraining from sending out the invitations until that's been recieved. I have also threatened to give him a cut-off date. If he doesn't get me the list in time, they won't be invited. That, of course, won't work.

I have two lists of people. The have to invite and the would like to invite. I'm sorry to tell you that the great bulk of you are on the latter. I'm sorry if you don't get an invitation. My venue just doesn't seat that many people.

I know it's always hard when someone you know is having an event and you're not invited. I remember in elementary school, this one girl was having a birthday. It seemed like everyone was invitedd except for me. But I'm not snubbing you. I just don't have an unlimited amount of cash.

Once I get my new 42 cent stamps, I'll be putting the pressure on Chris's dad to tell me who he needs to invite. Because I need to know how many people to invite.

Tags: wedding

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