Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Light Vision

I went to the eye doctor again and disccovered that my prescription hasn't changed. It's a good sign that I'm not getting any blinder. I mentioned that I saw the letters quite clearly, but that there was a duplicate ghostly image underneath the white letterbox. He changed my prescription to see if that helped, it didn't. Then he turned on the lights, but I saw no ghostly image.

It's because my prescription is so high. It has something to do with my contact bending the light and it's not hitting my optic sensors properly. It probably happens also during the day, but since things are so bright during the day, I don't notice it. This makes it really difficult to drive at night since the road sings all use reflective letters and I cant read them very well. By the time I can read them, I'm already past the exit.

So after the eye exam, I've totally got those dorky sunglasses on that they give you after you get your eyes dialated. And since I couldn't see anything anyway, we decided to get some lunch. Why bother sitting around at home when you can't do any work anyway.

Chris asked me if I would feel awkward with those glasses on. And you know, maybe six years ago, I might have been, but I've stopped caring at some point. People stared at me for wearig glasses inside. But really, if you're wearing ugly disposable glasses, you've got to be special!

How hot is that look?! Oh yeah!

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