Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling


It seems as though many of my friends have a lot of good news lately. Either they've gotten agents or sold novels or both!

My clarion classmate, Emily Mah (writing as E.M. Tippetts) has a romance novel coming out June 6th called Time and Etenity. I had the opportunity to read this in rough draft and I really enjoyed it. It's about the difficulties of finding love in the modern world. Though there are plenty of men in the world, not all of them are good, and the perfect men may have hidden secrets.

Another novel that I had the pleasure to read pre-publication is Gathering of Doorways by Michael Jasper. When Gil's son, Noah, goes missing, his search for Noah will take him into the woods where he will discover there are more things living than exist in this world. That book won't come out until September, but you should all go get it when it does. I think you'll enjoy it!

That's it for pimping joy today. I'll try to post more when I can.

Tags: emily mah, michael jasper, pimpage

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