Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

I Chose A Color!

I finally chose a bridesmaid dress color. It's taken me months to decide because I had this vision of a summery, airy wedding. And I wanted a shade of lavendar, but unfortunately, I didn't like any of these colors. None of the shades were quite the right one that I was looking for.

I'd wanted a light pastel, but it didn't turn out quite right. So yesterday, Joanne and I went to the bridal store and definitively decided on a color.

The problem with looking for dress colors is that nobody has the range of colors, much less the dresses in stock. They have what looks like samples from returns. It's not like going into a store and just shopping. Everything was in books, pages and pages. And as eveyone knows, the color that you see on the page and on the internet aren't always the color you'll see in person.

And the swatches weren't even all that helpful either because they looked a little aged. Like maybe there'd been a lot of fingers that have touched those swatches.

So we were looking at dresses and staring at swatches that I finally decided on sage. No really, sage. It's a light green color that's a good color, if not my favorite. So we set it all up and we left. Except that there was a dress in the window that was moss. It's a darker green and it was much better looking to my eye. So I went back in and changed it.

When we got home, I emailed everyone. I figured if I tell the bridesmaids the color, I couldn't turn back. And the funny thing was that I was looking at the dresses online again and I was thinking that the eggplant color wasn't so bad. I mean, if I was going with a dark color, then why not purple?

But I know that if I went down that road, then I'd never make a real decision. So it'll remain moss. And it helps that one of the bridesmaids loves the moss color. So that's that. No more thinking about it! It's Moss!

So instead of lavendar and cream, the colors will include green as well. I'm not going to get new invitations or ribbons (which I got on uber-sale clearance), I'm just going to buy new one's.

And in a way, moss is a better choice for tuxes too. The purple shades weren't that great too. They had much better greens.

Now I have to deal with flowers....any suggestions for something cheap?

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