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ANTM: Goodbye Lauren

So who thought that Lauren was going to stay after this italian commerial
episode? As gorgeous as she is, she was just too self-conscious to get it
together. I think if you've been made fun of for your whole life, you can't
undo all that in a few weeks. It's too bad though. I wanted a weird girl
to win.

And since I'm on the subject of ANTM, I think the plus sized girls are at a
disadvantage in the industry. She didn't book as many go-sees because of
her size, and last night's challenge with the italian designer also pointed
to that fact. He was obviously looking for a thin girl, so the plus sized
girl didn't really have a chance there.

I'm not sure if the show is trying to make a point about the industry or if
they don't even realize that she's starting out at a disadvantage. But I'd
like to think they're making a statement about the state of the industry.

And since I was talking about weird girls, I don't understand how Anya is
winning so many of these challenges. She's a very sweet girl, inoffensive
and quite likeable, but I don't see that model quality about her. I don't
really see what those others see, and I wonder if it was something that
doesn't translate over television. I'm wondering if her accent will be a
factor in her actually winning. I am understanding her better, but I'm
wondering if it's because I've heard her speak more, so I'm used to it, or
if she's learned to speak clearer and slower. I won't be offended if she
won though, I think her photos are good. But I still like the way
Katarzjena looks.

What do you think of the contestants? Who do you thnink will go next? Who
do you want to win?



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Apr. 25th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
I've only seen a tiny bit of this show (last time--I think--the girls had to model designs by the cousin of a friend of mine as a challenge. It had a girl who supposedly has Asberger's) and so I can't really say much about personalities, but I'm procrastinating, and so I went to look at pictures. (What's with Lauren? Her pictures looked good--not that I can judge.)

What struck me about Anya's photos is that she looked completely different to me--unrecognizable, even--every single time. She could be very malleable, and able to subsume her personality in the vision of the photographer. Just a guess.
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