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The Ring With the Wrong Bling

So we went -all the way to Oviedo to pick up the ring. At first glance,
everything looked fine. I put it on inside the store and because of the way
they light the inside, I was blinded by the dazzle of the bling.

When we got in th car, I took a really good look at it. It looked
lopsided, like one diamond was bigger than the other. It was a minor
difference, so minor that I thought it was my imagination. I always think
that things will always go wrong and I hate to be one of those people who
made something out of nothing. But I knew that it would bother me if I
didn't find out.

So we went back in and asked if they could double check just for my piece
of mind. I mean, there wasn't anyone else in the store. The gemologist
looked at it and said that it was indeed different sizes. The woman that
had measured the gems in the ring had measured wrong. The jeweler that
replaced the diamond hadn't bothered to double check. Granted, the new
diamond was bigger than the old one, but I'd rather have the beauty of

So we spent that half hour at Chili's across the street. We'd already
stopped at Lollicup for boba, so my stomach was completely full. But it
didn't stop me from having a couple of bites because I'm a glutton.

The jeweler did manage to get the right size diamond into the setting.
Everything looks perfectly symmetrical now, but I keep looking at it make
sure. Now to drive home, which will be about 9:15 by the time we get
home. *sighs* Where did my evening go?


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