Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Ring that Lost its Bling

Over the weekend, Jae Brim had come to visit. While she was here she wanted
to see my engagement ring. So I dutifully stuck out my hand and she
inspected my engagement ring. Then she said, "Is it missing a diamond?"

OMG No way. It totally had all the diamonds in their settings that
morning. So sometime between after my shower and picking up Jae at the
airport, the diamond had fallen out.

So we had to take a trip out to Jared and get it replaced. We have gem and
metal insurance on it so that if the diamonds or the emerald falls out or if
I need it resized, they'll do it at no extra charge. And because they are
abooujt 45 minutes away from the house, I have to go do it after work. This
means that I will have to take another trip put here to pick it up
tomorrow. But what is the alternative? It feels weird not having it
Tags: ring
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