Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

You Wanna Be On Top?

With Project Runway over with, I watch America's Next Top Model. The first
thirty minutes or so generally don't interest me. I'm interested in the
photographs. What makes a good one, what makes a bad one. Half the time, I
don't see what they're seeing.

I don't know why they keep one girl over another. And I definitely don't
know how they pick the girls originally. Because let me tell you, some of
those girls don't look that great. But I suppose they're used to seeing
people without their makeup on and can tell who's going to look good on

I like that they've started accepting the weird awkward girls. I like that
last season, they picked a girl with Aspergers and she did quite well. And
I like that they also choose plus sized models to include in their line up.

They've already gotten rid of one of my favorite girls,
Marvita. The first episodes made her seem mean and harsh. But as the
episodes have gone on, I grew very much to like her.

She revealed that she'd been sexually abused. I think her presence showed
that you can survive and continue living your life, pursuing your goals and
dreams. But having had a hard life, she had some self-esteem issues. The
moment that she showed that, they let her go. I think that it's a shame
because I think she could have been a good role model. But the competition
is for a Cover Girl contract and I think Marvita might not have softened up
enough for their image.

I don't have any great love for the girls that remain. It won't stop me
from making predictions though!

I originally liked Lauren, the awkward nerdy girl. But
she continues to be awkward. And as a Cover Girl, she'll need to do
commercials and I have no confidence in her public speaking ability.
Besides which, she doesn't know how to walk.

Whitney, the plus sized girl, takes good pictures. But
she was destined to fail in the go-see episode because she's a size ten
(which, last I heard, is smaller than the average size of the American
woman). I'm glad that they didn't get rid of her then, though I'm not sure
how long she'll last. Plus-sized models tend not to lst long on this show
and I feel like her face only has one expression.

Dominique is mean, so she won't last. They never pick the mean girl. She
also has one weird raised eyebrow look that she changes. Besides which, I
find that she photographs old and they didn't pick those girls from past
seasons for that reason.

Fatima is also mean and a little too self-confident. I don't find her as
gorgeous as everyone else does. But even then, I think she over-analyzes
herself and her poses come out stiff. I won't be suprised if she gets
kicked off in the next two episodes.

Katarzyna, Anya, and Stacy Ann all have left me rather cold. I don't really
find them all that interesting. But I think these three will be the one's
that will be left. And I think that Katarzyna will be the ultimate winner.
I think she knows how to model better than the other two. Though Stacy Ann
may be really close because she had the most jobs booked and that's always
important for a model. Anya's accent is a little too difficult for me to
understand and that will ultimately work against her.

So those are my thoughts. What about you?
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