Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Run Nokia Run

So I ordered the Nokia N810 because it was basically a mini computer that I could use with wifi, something that I can't do with the Treo because Verizon sucks. I'd have to pay for an additional web connection and use their really slow connection.

I did some research to see if it will do all the things that I need, namely play scrabulous (check! I had a friend test that on his)and allow me to edit text (a lot of people had installed Abiword, so I didn't think that was a problem). What I hadn't realized is that there currently isn't a working port for my particular operating system. Mine is the 2008 OS nicknamed Chinook. So I am stuck without a word compatible text editor.

I have been saving most of my docs in .txt anyway. It's the only format that Zoundry Raven will import properly so I can upload them to the blogs. So at least I can read some of those. I always have the option of running Garnet VM. It will run all the Palm software that I have, but then what's the point of getting this cute little thing?

The poor college student who's trying to port this over is a little busy, so he will be available to work on it after May. i was half tempted to learn how to write these types of programs. Not only do I not know where to start, I don't have time to learn it either. So I'll learn some patience and write this on the built in notes program. I'ts worked so far.

In other news we saw Run Fatboy Run. I found it slow and predictable. I didn't find it funny nor refreshing. Though I appreciated that the ending wasn't the sappy happy ending I was expecting to see. But I wouldn't spend any money on it. We sure didn't.
Tags: movies, nokia n810

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