Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

March Wedding Update

I have been totally remiss in keeping up with journals and emails. The only thing that I've kept up with is Scrabulous and that's only because I have a horrible addiction to it.

Wedding plans are going at a good pace. We've got a ceremony site, the reception site, a harpist, my wedding dress and a photographer. I realized that I needed to get on it when I called back Leu Gardens to book a date. I'd called them to get available dates a week and a half beforehand and they had pretty much every Sunday free in November. By the time I called them back, November was completely booked. They do 2 weddings a day and they were completely booked. They were booked in October too. The next available date was too close to Christmas.

I'd forgotten that Florida is a popular wedding destination and it's a huge industry here. So I got right on that, getting as much of the important stuff as I could. We opted to get married in September rather than wait until next year. The latest date we could get was September 21st. Any earlier than that and we'd be dying in out outfits under the opressive Florida sun.

I am already overbudget, but I knew that I would be. We originally planned on 50 people for the reception. We don't have a very large budget. Between the family and the bridal party plus guest, we have nearly 25 people already. I knew that I couldn't invite everybody that I wanted, but 50 was enought to invite a very small group of friends and have room for a few of the family's friends. However, it looks like the groom's family has a lot of friends. The short list is 20 people. They don't need to give me a long list. The reception site can't handle more than 70 people.

So knowing this, I'll be skimping on a few things. I got invitations at Michael's on Clearance that I will print myself. The bridsmaids won't be getting bouquets. I'm thinking of corsages instead that I may even make myself. But I think these things are negligible anyway. No one will remember what kind of flowers were in a bouquet.

Tomorrow night, we meet the officiant and then I need to figure out make-up. My hairstylist will do the hair at a reasonable price. And the other things will have to wait until we have a guest count. Like party favors and printing out programs. And of course, picking out a color for my bridesmaids. I can't figure out what color would be best with all the various skin tones and I need to figure that out soon or the bridesmaids won't have dresses by the time the wedding comes around. Did you know that it sometimes takes 12 weeks to get the dresses made? I can have it custom done for less time!!

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