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Project Runway Finale

It's late, I know. But here it is anyway!


What is there really to say about the finale except Our Pick Won!! I did really enjoy Christian's collection though there were a few that I didn't particularly like. The big ruffled neck with the big hat was not that great. I would have prefered one or the other, but both was too much. Having Victoria Beckham love his collection didn't hurt either. Even if he lost, he would have gotten a lot of recognition if she wore his clothes.

I particularly found it endearing when he was standing in front of the judges and right before Heidi gave them the verdict, he started crying. I thought it was very human.

I liked Rami's cream antique lace dress. I didn't know why I didn't like his whole collection until Michael Kors said something about the colors. And that was spot on. Maybe he knows something about clothing after all!

And as for Jillian, I liked her clothes, but found her skirts to be a little bit too short, but then she wears that kind of skirt anyway. I didn't like that she said she disappointed someone after she entered the green room. I'm not sure who she was talking to, whether her mother or her boyfriend. I'm assuming the mother. I have no doubt that it was the mother because of the famous comment. She's too harsh on herself. Maybe she might have enjoyed being on Project Runway if she didn't think she had to be famous to win her mother's love. It certainly explains why she's never happy. But she has enough talent to get investors to start her own line.

So the season is over and I really enjoyed it. There were no horrible characters that made me want to strangle them nor anyone truly mean who won. It was a good season. I hope they find other talented designers for next year.

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