Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Project Runway: Rami/Chris Showdown

What can I really say about the Rami/Chris Showdown except Why All The Hair?!! To me, he could have just as easily used faux fur or feathers to make some of the effects he was going for. It's a funny thing. Nobody thinks twice about getting a weave. I mean you are wearing human hair. But somehow, putting it on clothing makes it that much more creepy. I wouldn't say that if he had used something else he would have won. But using human hair definitely didn't help at all. It creeped everyone out.

Having said that though, I definitely liked his clothes much better than Rami's. I like the gothic look ala Vivienne Westwood. I liked the safety pinned skirt quite a bit. And I liked the jacket that was a feminized version of Edward Gorey's drawings.

And honestly, I think some of his sketches had better drama than the three blacks that he brought out. To me, using human hair seemed like a statement of some sort. Like using raw meat or poop. It's meant to shock and that's a little too shock art for the fashion world.

I'm impressed that Rami stepped up to the challenge and got some pieces that weren't all variations on a toga. But his collection wasn't my favorite. I found his second dress reminiscent of the 80's and not something that I'd wear or want to wear. I did like the jacket even though Nina thought it was too big. I liked the sillouhette that it made. I absolutely hated his third dress. The circles on the hips made the model look bottom heavy. Then again, I found all his outfits made the women all look bottom heavy. He isn't even a contender in my book.

I'm still sticking with Christian as the winner. But we already knew that.

But I did find Jillian's statement, rather matter-of-factly, that she's going to be a big deal a little odd. She really is emotionless when she says things and I found it creepy.

Her mother had a seer tell her that one of her children will be famous and she raised Jillian that way. I'm not sure that's such a good idea to raise a child to do that. Raising a child to do their best, to work hard, and to push themselves beyond your comfort level is a good thing. But to tell them that they'll be famous one day is setting up truly high expectations and can create huge stresses and depression in someone. It explains a lot about Jillian's ambition, but it doesnlt explain the blankness in her face when she does her interviews. What do you think? Discuss!!

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