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Project Runway Recap Ep

The Project Runway Reunion show wasn't as controversial or confrontational as other reunion shows. The one's that anyone notices involve hair-pulling and arguments that make no sense. But I think that's because we're so used to seeing commercials for I Love New York Reunions in which we expect a Jerry Springer style smackdown. Not surprisingly, Project Runway seemed to have a higher caliber of people than that.

The episode was mostly a recap episode with a few extra things that they couldn't fit into the regular show.

What I found interesting was that Michael Kors couldn't stop laughing during the women wrestling episode. I'd assumed that his laughter was because he felt that the wrestlers were ridiculous and over the top. He's definitely seen women naked before. But at the same time, his laughter was a nervous laughter, like he's doing something he shouldn't and he's embarrassed that he got caught. I can't quite place that giggling of his. Maybe one of you can explain.

What I did enjoy was that the designers were asked what their diva wrestling names were. I felt that their ideas for this somehow corresponded with their ability as a designer.

I found Rami's and Christian's to be the most original and the most that was who they were. Ramiliscious's signature move would be to have lots of draped fabric to confuse his opponent. And while he was disoriented, Ramiliscious would kick them down. Feroscia Couture (Christian) would use hair spray (for his judicious use of said item to sculpt his hair). He'd spray his opponents in the eyes before knocking them down.

Sweet P's name would be Spread Eagle and her power was snapping people's necks with her thighs (Can we say Xenia Onnatop anyone?). Jillian's name would be Tuffie and she'd use a roundhouse kick(boring. Jillian's designs were nice, but not awe inspiring, you know?). Chris said he'd be wonder woman (which disappointed me to no end) and he would smother people with his ample chest (which leads us back to his old roots and maybe going back to what he's most comfortable). I can't even remember anything about Ricky's character.

So at the end, they showed some pieces from Chris's collection. There was a lot of fitted, waist-length jackets and one had a feather collar. Without seeing the pieces that went underneath them or the bottoms to those outfits, I can't make too informed a decision. But he could use the jackets as something to bring the collection together. The commercial, however, made it seem like Tim really didn't like the collection. But it wouldn't be beyond the advertisers to try to skew us the wrong way. I can't decide if I want Rami to go to Fashion Week or Chris because I do really like Rami's clothes. But I won't change my mind now. The top three will stay the same as I'd said before.

Ok, now the fan favorite. I guess the voting public found Christian more entertaining than everyone else. Although I found him immature, impulsive and a little snooty, I didn't find him all that objectionable.

Now that he's won fan favorite though, I'm thinking that he won't win. Michael Knight lost the whole shebang even though he was the fan favorite. They can't rightly give $10k to someone and then another $100k. So based on that, I might have to reassess who will win this year. But I still think that he has tons of talent. So I will stick to my guns and keep him as my winner. A few more days!

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