Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

But She Said!

I know that some of you are waiting for me to write up the Animal Kingdom journal entries and show you all my photos, but I took so many that it's taking time for me to reduce them down to the best one's and do some cropping if need be. So instead, I will give you a little snippet of my day to sate your appetites.

As we were waiting for the train to take us from Rafiki's(a petting zoo as well as instructional area on how to conserve in your local area), a precoscious young girl sat next to me. She'd accidentally touched me and her father had noticed. He'd told her to say she was sorry for poking me. I would have said it was ok, except I realized that he was trying to teach her something about personal space, so I waited for her to apologize. She did, and I said it's ok. Then I asked her if she saw anything interesting that day.

"I want ice cream," she said.

I said, "Well, you have to ask your dad."

He, being a good parent had been watching our interaction, said, "After dinner."

To which she said, "But I want it now."

He said, "It's getting late, baby, we need to eat dinner first."

She said, "But she said," pointing a finger at me, "I can have it."

I pretended to be shocked, which made everyone laugh.

"She didn't say that," her dad said. "You're too clever for your own good. Stop trying to get this lady into trouble."

And the girl quieted down, having no further arguments to get her ice cream then.

Chris then turned to me and asked, "Can I have ice cream before dinner?"

And I said, "You already did!" Before we got onto RAfiki's train, we'd gotten a root beer float! We didn't have a parent telling us no! No indeed!

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