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Project Runway: Who Goes To Bryant Park?

My prediction that Sweet P would go was correct. Alas, she is one of the nicer and more amiable of the bunch. It's too bad she didn't make a hugely eccentric peacock outfit made of electric blue materials trimmed in green and gold. But we knew that she wasn't going to make it.

Christian and Jillian are both going to Bryant Park. Those two weren't a big surprise. I thought Christian's outfit was fantastic and outrageous. His attention to detail is meticulous. Though I wouldn't wear his clothes, I can understand his fashion sense. If I had to choose who'd win, I'd pick this guy. As young and immature as he is, his outfits have pizzazz as well as memorability.

As for Jillian's outfit, the jacket reminded me of a baton twirler's uniform. The skirt was too short, the tail a little too pleated. Add a matching hat and send her ahead of the marching band!

Jillian's meticulous with the details as well. Had she not included the gold trim or the cut-outs on the jacket, it would have looked too plain. Those little details are the things that make someone want to pay and extra $500 for that jacket. I didn't choose Jillian because though she sews well, the only outfit she's made that had me truly amazed was the hair inspired challenge. All the other outfits paled in comparison to the other competitors.

Now for the big surprise of last night's show. Rami and Chris. I truly believe that had Chris made something that was different than the couture challenge, he would have gone to Bryant Park. But then, had Rami chosen inspiration from the Victorian Age or the Elizabethan age, he would have won instead. But now both have to compete again to see who goes to Bryant Park.

Technically, all four will go. Project Runway likes to put in one non-winner in there so that people won't know who actually got there. So it doesn't hurt the show to have both of them make a line. They were going to anyway. But who will make it into the top 3.

We all know what Rami has to do. He needs to make outfits that don't look like togas. He can drape, but he needs to keep that to a minimum. I'd say half draped, half not. But will he manage to design that? I have serious doubts. He's been told time and time again that they want to see more than draping and he hasn't done it. I like Rami's designs. His clothes are definitely one's that I'd wear, but is he a one note tune?

As for Chris, he's shown that he has improved since he was brought back. That's what the judges love. But will his collection show enough diversity? I was sorely disappointed in him for making a similar dress to the hair inspired challenge. The judges are like children. they're easily bored when shown the same thing over and over again. But show them something new and add a few sparkles and suddenly, you're the star again. So the question for me concerning Chris is whether or not he'll produce new and inspiring things or will he revert back to the costume-y drag queen outfits?

If this last challenge has told me anything, it's that Chris will take a nap over refining his look. And that will be his ultimate downfall. If he doesn't step up, Rami will win regardless of whether or not he drapes every garment.

Next week's Project Runway is a special episode in which all the competitors gather together and bitch and moan. I was especially shocked by the comments that they thought Victoria as uptight. I too found her to be so, but not any more than Jillian. But these are comments for after next weeks ep.

Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? Who's your favorite designer?

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