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Overheard Conversation

At lunch today, we were seated near a very young couple. I'd say that they were in college as I live near the University of Central Florida. She had a retro 50's thing going, dyed black hair, bangs with a short straight bob, and a cute little headband. I noticed her because I always liked that style, but never had the energy to put it together. I thought she was cute. Beyond that, I hadn't thought much about them.

Chris had chuckled a bit after he heard the guy talk. The guy was speaking with a gangsta's affectation with lots of "Ayight's". I thought he was simply playing around, which turned out to be true. He stopped talking that way soon after. I found him completely forgettable.

When the waiter asked how they wanted to split the check, she said, "I'll take the appetizer."

But the guy said, "Just split it down the middle." I don't know what the waiter said, but after he left, the girl asked, "Why did you say that?"

"Because I want you to pay more," he said too loudly because I heard that quite clearly.

"I had half a salad and you had that big pizza, how do you think that's fair?"

"You had a sip of my Sprite," he said. A weak comeback to be sure. California Pizza Kitchen has free soda refills, I might add. It would hurt him none if she drank a whole glass. But he was trying to cover for himself. I think he realized how petty he was being.

He eventually apologized several times and eventually said that he'd give her more money, but at no time did he give her money and I have no doubt that he will pretend to forget he owed her cash.

After his horrible outburst, I glanced over to check him out. I can't even say that this guy was hot much less handsome. He was actually downright fugly. So I couldn't see why she would be with him. It's not because he has a caring and giving nature.

I wanted to tell her not to invest any more into that relationship. He's just not a good guy. If I ordered a pizza and gave a piece to my friend, I wouldn't require her to pay for that slice. It's just not how it's done. I definitely wouldn't do that to someone who I was dating.

But Chris also said that he was a learner boyfriend. You have to date a bunch of bad one's to find a good one. And I hope so. Because nobody should ever date someone that selfish.

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