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Project Runway Predictions

Now that Project Runway has whittled down their list of designers, I have gotten much more excited about the show. I've watched all the previous seasons, but I'd always felt a little more than meh about all the designs. This year is the first year that I've felt like I could realistically see myself buying their clothes.

All the remaining designers know how to sew. There's no wrinkle out of place, no stitch that's a little bit crooked. But this competition isn't about who sews the best. And sometimes it's about who sucks the least.

My favorite designers right now are Rami and Jillian. I think Rami can make beautiful dresses, but I do think that many of his dresses tend to look alike. Unless he's forced to use non-drapable materials like the Hershey's challenge or the denim challenge, he seems to tend towards jersey materials. If he were to win, he'll need to make a collection that isn't all modernized versions of roman togas.

Jillian has a youthful, edgy style. I particularly liked the hair inspired challenge where she created that fantastic black satin coat. I also liked the challenge where they had to modernize an out of date look. But I think she's utterly uptight. I haven't seen her ever smile and her personality seems a little snooty for me. But this season doesn't require the winner to intern somewhere. Let's face it, none of the previous winners actually participated fully with that program. The first winner totally didn't even accept the internship and the second one did it by phone. I think they stopped doing it the third year, but let's face it. The winner that year was such a poser turd that working under anybody would have turned out to be an utter bloodbath. This year's winner gets to sell their designs on Bluefly.com which is much more accessible to the common people that I think they'll be much more commercially successful.

I think Christian has a total sense of style, but it's a little too retro 80's for most of us to want to wear. I do think that his denim challenge was very innovative. The pants he made, riping off jean jacket sleeves and using them as the bottoms halves of the jeans was very impressive. But all his shirts/jackets have them big puffy sleeves, and they're all tailored towards super skinny women. Let's face it, few of us want to or can even wear half the things he makes. I'd say that they're all a little too eccentric for me. But I will have to say that the wrestling outfit he made was definitely one of the best and it shows his versatility. That may take him to the top.

Sweet P though sweet, doesn't have the special something that makes her memorable. None of her clothes are ugly, perse, but they aren't spectacular. She is a wonderful designer that I think might have had a chance in previous years, but with the caliber of people left, she pales too much in comparison. I think she will be the next to leave, assuming they do another round of eliminations. They could, for some reason, decide to take them all to Olympus Fashion week, but 5 people is just too many.

Last, but not least is the one that was eliminated and brought back. Chris is my personal favorite because he's just so eccentric. I like the fact that he dresses in crazy drag outfits. I didn't think much of him when he first started, but these last few weeks, he's stopped creating toned down versions of drag outfits and created things that are quite wearable. I do think that he deserved his wrestling costume challenge win because he did a really great job in capturing the wrestler. And it was one of my favorite wrestling outfits next to Jillian's. I never thought that he was a huge contender, but the denim challenge, the wrestling challenge and the Hershey challenge made it clear that he can design wearable clothing. He's the underdog that might make it to Fashion week.

So my predictions are this. Jillian, Chris and Christian will make it to fashion week assuming they take 3 this year.

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Feb. 8th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)
I enjoyed reading your assessment. I've had more trouble than usual getting into it this season, and I think it's in part because they've had so many eps where they've gone away from the regular models (they had the weight loss thing, the male models, the high school girls, and now our women wrestlers). I hate to be this shallow, but for many of those challenges, including the ones with the professional male models, they have the most horrible runway walks! It really affects my viewing of a design when the person lopes or stumps down the runway.

But I am still enjoying this season, and don't miss an ep.

I betcha Chris will be fan favorite. He's my favorite, because he just doesn't seem to take it too seriously, yet he works his butt off. Plus I like the way he took responsbility when he got eliminated -- that was when he was a team leader, I think.
Feb. 8th, 2008 03:38 am (UTC)
I totally agree on your assessment of Chris. He did get kicked off when he was team leader. And he totally made a toned down verson of a drag queen outfit then !! I don't mind the awful model walks as much as you. I think the challenges for non-model sized clients lets us see how versatile they are and if they're able to design to a specific body rather than to the standard model body.
Feb. 8th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
I don't mind the non-model shapes -- it's just the walks. I didn't have the issue so much with our lady wrestlers in part because they vamped it up and are used to performing, plus have the natural grace of athletes. But even when it bugs me, it's no big deal -- and I do like to see them designing stuff other than high fashion.

I think so far, results-wise, my favorite challenges have been the Hershey challenge and the denim.
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