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The Enzian

Last night, a couple of us went to The Enzian, a small movie theatre in Winter Park. Instead of stadium seating, they had sofa chairs with tables that's more like a cafe. We had a party of 5 and their setup is mostly for 2's and 4's. They told us not to move any chairs or tables around if we had a party larger than 4. That setup makes it quite difficult to have a large group of friends come along. Luckily for us, or unluckily, there was a row of five comfy chairs down in front. And I do mean down in front. It was the second row. There was a row of four in front of us and behind us, and the rest were sofas. Nobody sat near us. Everyone got a seat at the tables behind us. Having sat up there though, I think those chair swith tables are much more comfortable to sit in for eating, but not so much for watching the movie. The comfy chairs that we were in were all facing forward. It's not so great for conversation, but really, who's talking during the movie anyway?

They served beer and wine as well as pizzas and sandwiches. We'd already eating dinner because we hadn't known if the food there was any good. So we ordered popcorn and dessert. Joanne ordered a hazelnut coffee gelato and I ordered a pomegranite sorbetto. And oh, did I like the sorbetto. It wasn't too sweet and it wasn't too tart. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. The Enzian gets some of their things from local eateries near them. And if they weren't 45 minutes away, I'd probably go to the sorbetto place more often than I should. I'm not a big fan of any sort of frozen treats in general, but that sorbetto was quite addictive.

The Enzian usually plays indie films and last night they were playing Bladerunner: The Final Cut. It was good to see it on the big screen as I'd only ever seen it on television. I haven't seen any version of Bladerunner in so long that I can't really tell you the minute differences between the movies. All I remember was that there was one version that had a lot of talking and a version that didn't. And this version was also a non-talkie one.

But I tell you what. After the movie, as Joanne and I were in the bathroom, a woman in another stall overheard our conversation. Joanne had said something like, I see what you mean about not a lot of talking. And the woman in the stall started talking about the history of the movie, about the different versions, how she liked the first theatre release better, and how Ridley Scott didn't believe in happy endings. It would have been fine, except that she continued to talk and talk and talk while she was in the stall. We were trying to make a polite escape, but couldn't manage it. I was trying to end the conversation, but she continued to talk. So finally, when she there was a slight pause, I said thanks and we left, but I could still hear the woman talking in the stall. It was 12:30 a.m. and I just couldn't think of a good way to leave without leaving that lady hanging. And now that I write about it, I think that she might have had Asperger's Syndrome.

Overall, I liked the idea of The Enzian. Being able to eat gourmet foods while watching a movie is a great idea. It's not all that much more than going to a regular movie theatre in the evening. The movie was $11 per person, the sorbetto was $5.50, and the small popcorn (and I do mean small) was $4.50. I'd go there again if there was a movie I wanted to watch. And hey, they do have a film festival and surprisingly Anthony Bourdaine will be the guest there. I wonder if he's going to do a No Reservations episode here. I wonder what he'd find to eat here other than gator meat.

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