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The Shows I watch

Chris calls most of the shows I watch my murder shows: CSI, L&O, Bones, Criminal Minds, etc. People seem to be constatnly hacked up, burned up, chopped up, or in Bones' case, eaten up. He dislikes all the ways the writers find of killing people. He especially doesn't like L&O: Special Victims unit. He doesn't like people getting sexually messed around with. And I can understand that. So I watch that show when he's not around.

Bones though, he's got a love hate relationship with Bones. He finds the dialogue and the characters interactions amusing, but he finds it is one of the grossest shows too. Not only did they have someone melted in a bathtub full of lye, they have an ongoing mystery about secret society cannibals! Yes, cannibals! More than one! And unfortunately, Bones didn't get recorded yesterday. The DVR seemed to have decided that Bones started and ended at 8:00pm. It recorded that there was a show, just that there wasn't one for recording. Luckily, I can watch it on the FOX website. They have a FOX on demand online, but you have to install a move media plugin. The other option is to pay $2 from iTunes and watch it there.

I'm currently watching Criminal Minds and it looks like its adding Xander from Buffy to its lineup of characters. I find the CSIs and the L&Os mostly forgettable, but good to put in the background. And well, I like mysteries. And there isn't a mystery show out there that's not about murders. Do you know of one? At any rate, it's now past my bedtime, so have a good evening and I will see ya'll tomorrow!

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Nov. 29th, 2007 01:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, we watch House. Chris really likes it, but his dad hates it. His dad is a radiologist, but the show eliminates them altogether for storyline sakes. Everybody's a radiologist in House!
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