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Today's going to promise to be another busy day. We've already run some errands this morning. Later today is another get together that we'd planned on Tuesday that might morph into a birthday party for another friend, but we're not sure yet as the planner never really made any made and set plans. So more partying a little later today. Which is why you're getting a journal entry now before I forget and come home with a very short entry!

So LJ has tags, which I hardly ever used, but am starting to now. Wordpress always had categories and now it has tags and I'm still using both. The problem is that I haven't been consistent in either. I don't want to go back through my 200+ entries to fix it, though I'm sure at some point that I will. I want some things to be at least a little bit orderly.

So my question really is about Wordpress. I don't know how many of you guys use it and I'm not sure how many of you use both tags and categories. But I'm finding that I'm putting in any old random thing in tags and not really using much with the categories. And sometimes when I do think about using both, they sometimes have the same names for both. For instance, one of my entries has My Life for both tags and categories. And I'm starting to think that maybe I should get rid of the categories altogether and use just tags? Beccause it's easier to add them. Categories requires that you have to go into the dashboard to add new thigns and that's just a pain in the ass. Maybe I've just answered my opwn question. But I'll ask the question anyway.

For those wordpress users, what do you guys do?

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