Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

I am the Butterfly Eatah! And I ROCK!

We rented Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for the family when they're here. They'll get bored staring at each other all evening, so we figured this would be a good way to entertain them for a few hours. Unfortunately, Chris and I ran through the whole game in less than 3 hours. We are uber, I know, but still, the game costs $50+, you'd think you'd get a little more gameplay out of it than 3 hours. But there was a game in which we had to eat butterflies. My rabbid ate a few of them, but apparantly, my rabbid ate a whole bunch more as I had over 1000 points whereas Chris' only had 200. I proclaimed quite loudly that I was the butterfly eatah! This was, of course, after Chris had declared that he was King of America, as he'd won every single one of the mini-games stationed in America (you tour Earth in this version). I'd have to say that the games aren't as fun this time around. There's no pulling worms out of rotting teeth. No slapping rabbids when they sing out of tune. It's sort of boring these games. Although there was one where you had to drop a loogie onto the rabbid below you and Chris didn't like that one at all.

We also picked up Rock Band. Oh yes. Drums and all. The thing about the drums and the guitars is that you don't need to know the song in order to play the game. You just mash the buttons at the right time. The singer, well, you sort of need to know the song for it to be of any interest. I don't know half the songs on that thing, but I fake it, and nobody wants to listen to somebody wobble through the song singing the wrong notes, but hitting the right pitch. It's a horrible sound when you know the song and someone is singing it all funny. It's time to download those songs and listen to them a bunch to get the lyrics down.

I do have to say that I enjoy the drums though. I've gotten fairly good at medium on the drums, but hard is just a little too hard. Having to hit the foot pedal in between whacking the drums is a little beyond me right now. I don't have that much hand-leg coordination. But I know if I didn't have to do any of the footpedal, I'd be a rock star by now. But for now, I merely rock the medium difficulty. I average about 95%+. I know it's time to jack up the difficulty, but you know, I'm having fun with this setting for now. I mean, I play expert in the guitar, I don't need to be an expert in everything, right?

I haven't been playing the drums for very long, but my arms are tired already. That shouldn't suprise anyone though. I mean, I do spend all day typing and that's pretty much all the excercise I get. And when you start to flail your arms , banging the drums louder than anyone can actually hear the music, well, your arms are just going to feel a little bit sore. I'm not sure how long those drums are going to last There's no reason to pound them so hard, I just can't manage to keep the beat unless I do pound them.

I'd rather have a little bit of soreness than blisters though. My brother and I played a video game so long once (when we were kids), that we got blisters on our thumbs. But did that stop us? Oh no, we just put bandaids on them suckers and continued playing.

Those really were the days.

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