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Cookies and Brownies, Cakes and Pies!

Several weeks ago, when we were at Triple J's house, Chris had found JJ's "to do" list. It consisted of various chores and errands that he needed to run. But when he was not looking, Chris got a pencil and wrote at the top of the page "Make Cookies For Chris". I believe he might have also written down "Make Brownies for Chris", but since it was almost a month ago that he did this, I can't remember. I do remember that he made it a Number One Priority.

When we had dinner with Triple J last week, they'd given Chris his b-day present. It was a book that Chris was looking forward to, a media tie-in for Warhammer. But to our surprise, when they showed up for dinner, they'd also brought more gifts. Not only did they make brownies, but chocolate chip cookies too. And I think Chris enjoyed that more than the book present. Anyone can spend money and buy something, but I think time and effort is so much more valuable especially since so many of us have so little of it to spare. All in all, Chris enjoyed having people out to dinner to chat and spend time. We ate cake and played Guitar Hero. And stayed up way later on a Tuesday than allowable. Time gets away from you when you're having fun. But alas, we were all too responsible to stay up any later, so we all retured at the grand old time of 11:00pm. (Well at least Chris and I did. Triple J had to drive another

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