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There's a restaurant here called Goodfellas that make the most garlicky garlic knots. I've just had some and I absolutely reek of garlic. My only comfort is that Chris had some too, so he doesn't notice. But when you can smell the garlic as you are breathing, you know you reek.

I am currently waiting at for Chris to get his hair cut. I was prepared in that I have my laptop so I could write, but I'd forgotten to charge it from the last time I'd taken it out. I only had 2 minutes on it before it turned off on me. So you guys are now getting a blog entry via my phone!

This week promises to be busy as all Thanksgivings are for this house. Chris's birthday is tomorrow, so I have to pick up the cake before dinner where we will meet friends at The Outback for dinner. chris likes the burgers there.

Thursday, Chris's family is coming sans the black sheep older sister. So Wednesday will be cleaning and more cleaning and we have to pick up the turkey before they close. Did I mention that I set up shop on the dining table? It's covered in my work stuff, so after work Wednesday I have to clear that off.

But after that, I shall be free to relax. Hopefully.

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

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