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Beowulf 3d

Last night we went to see Beowulf in 3D. I enjoyed it well enough. I know it's gotten some bad reviews, but I think it was worth a look see should you find yourself in need of going to the movies. I would say that it's not worth the extra $3 to watch the 3D version though. I find that movies that aren't made exclusively for 3D aren't worth it. The way the scenes are shot aren't conducive to making things pop. Although I will say that the three times that things flew towards the screen though, I did flinch. But on the whole, I found 90% of the movie wasn't truly in 3D.

In the 3D movie though, you get these stylish glasses. They were so stylish I asked Joanne in a nasily voice if she'd like to come over to my house and play D&D, to which JJ took exception. We all had a little bit of fun bringing out our innermost geeks.

And when no one was looking, Chris modified his glasses.

I will say though that I felt a little bit of sympathy for Grendel. Here might be some spoilers. I don't know if you guys remember way back in Xena. Gabriel had a daughter named Eve. And Eve had a child that was a spiky monster. The spikey monster was strangely sympathetic in that all it wanted to do was save his mother. The monster was innocent in a way. And when he eventually died, I felt sad for it. It's not his fault that he was born such a monster.

It felt much the same way with Grendel. It didn't seem as though he wanted to go kill people. It wasn't as though he woke up and decided he was going to go into the hall and smash things up. It was that he had super sensitive hearing and the people in the hall were just making so much noise that it drove him crazy. He was never taught how to deal with it properly. It's not his fault he was born a disfigured monster. So I was a little sad when he died too. And maybe that was the point. Who was the real monster here?

But then I've always had a soft spot for the misunderstood monsters.

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